Automate your content by adding new form & landing page subscribers to email sequences.

When a new subscriber signs up to your form or landing page, a great way to engage them right off the bat is to add them to an automated email sequence (such as a welcome sequence).

In order for this to happen on auto-pilot, you'll need to set up an automation in your account to handle it for you.

Here's how to do that!

1. Create a new visual automation

Click the 'New Automation' button from the visual automations page in your account, then click 'Create automation' from this page:

2. Add your form or landing page as an entry point

After clicking the 'Create Automation' button, you'll be prompted to select your entry point. 'Joins a form' will be selected by default, which is what we want, so just select (or create) yours from the dropdown (your landing pages will be included here, too):

☝️ You can also have multiple entry points for a single automation!

For example, if you have several forms (and/or landing pages) that you all want to funnel into your welcome sequence, you can add all of them as entry points. Click the plus sign (+) icon to the right of the last entry point to add a new one:

There is a limit of 5 entry points per automation, but if you hit that limit, you can combine your entry points into a single tag. Here's how.

3. Add your sequence as an action step

Once your entry points have been added, you can add the step that will add the subscribers to your sequence.

Click the plus sign (+) icon underneath your row of entry point(s), select Action > Email Sequence, then select your sequence from the dropdown:

4. Set your automation live

By default, new visual automations are paused until you're ready for them to start running. You can activate it via the toggle near the top right when you're ready:

As noted in the confirmation modal, if you had any subscribers waiting in your automation prior to unpausing it, they'll start advancing once it's live.

Voilà! Now, new incoming subscribers to that form or landing page will be automatically added to your sequence — with no action required on your part.

A note on sequences in visual automations

By default, subscribers will be removed from sequences they were added to via a visual automation when they reach the end. That means they won't receive any new emails that get added that sequence afterwards.

If you don't want that to happen (i.e. if you want the subscriber to remain active on the sequence indefinitely), you'll want to follow the method outlined in this tutorial for adding subscribers to that sequence instead.

NOTE: If you want to learn more about which subscribers (if any) will receive new emails you add to a sequence, we also have an article all about that here.

Alternative to visual automations

We encourage the use of visual automations for the range of options and flexibility they provide, but you can also set this up using an automation rule if you'd prefer!

The rule's trigger would be signs up to a form (or landing page), and its action would be to add them to the sequence. We have a separate tutorial all about how to set up automation rules here.

Not sure what content to include in your sequence?

We've got you covered. Check out our content tips below:

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