Visual Automations: Events

Pull subscribers forward in your automations based on calendar dates, tags, purchases, and more.

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What is an event within a visual automation in ConvertKit?

Events are commonly used to move subscribers when a product is purchased, when a tag is added/removed, or when a certain date arrives.

Events pull subscribers forward in your visual automations.

Within your visual automations, events are red.

NOTE: Events will only pull subscribers forward, not send them backwards, or sideways. In a visual automation, subscribers will always move forward, or "down" the funnel.

Adding an event to your visual automation

Adding an event to your visual automation is simple and straightforward. Check out the gif below to see how easy it is!

In your automation, click the plus (+) sign under the node after which you want the event to occur.

The 5 types of events

Each type of event serves a different purpose. Here's what they're all used for, and how to set them up:

1. When a tag is added

Use this type of event to pull subscribers forward in the automation when a tag is added to their profile. This type of event is perfect for our link triggers feature that tags subscribers when they click on a link from another email.

2. When a tag is removed

Use this type of event to pull subscribers forward in the automation when a tag is removed from their profile. This could happen through a link trigger, a bulk action, or if you manually remove a tag from the subscriber's profile.

3. When a date occurs

Use a date to pull subscribers forward based on a date of your choosing. This works well for live webinars, timed launches, and date specific challenges!

4. When a product is purchased

Whether you're using ConvertKit Commerce or another platform to sell your products, you can pull subscribers forward in an automation when they make a purchase.

5. When a custom field changes

If a you or a subscriber updates the subscriber's profile, you may want to run an event based on changes made to their custom fields.

You can do this when the custom field changes to a specific value:

Or you can choose to be less specific and set the dropdown from "changes to" to just "changes". This way, if any changes at all are made to this custom field, they will jump to this point in the automation.

Important event behavior to note:

If a date event has already occurred (i.e. the calendar date is now in the past), anyone entering the visual automation will move forward to that event step instantly. They will skip over any sequences, tags, or other steps and jump right to that event.

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