The Sequence Reports page is a great resource with valuable statistics. 

In this article we’ll go over the meanings of all the numbers provided on this page.

First things first: to access the Reports page, click into your Sequence from the Sequences page, then click ‘Reports’ at the top of the screen here:

Now we’re ready to dive in!


You’ll notice that the Reports page is divided into two main sections: the sidebar, and the per-email stats on the main body of the page:

We’ll go over each section in more detail below. The main distinction to understand is that in the sidebar the stats are more global, whereas the per-email stats are specific to those individual emails only.

The Sidebar


This is the total number of Subscribers who are Unconfirmed on this Sequence. This means that you have double opt-in enabled on your Form and these Subscribers have not clicked the confirmation button in the Incentive Email that was sent to them to confirm their subscription.


This is the total number of Subscribers that are active in your Sequence.


If a Subscriber gets added to a Sequence via a Visual Automation, then once they finish the Sequence, they will receive the ‘Completed’ status. Once Subscribers are marked as Completed for a Sequence, they will not receive any further emails from that Sequence. 

Click here for more information on how Visual Automations affect Sequences!

NOTE: The ‘Completed’ status will only be applicable to Subscribers who were added via a Visual Automation. If the Subscriber was added to the Sequence manually, or via a Rule, then they will still be considered ‘Active’ on the Sequence even after reaching the end. 

As a result, unlike Subscribers added via Visual Automation, they will receive any additional emails added to the end of the Sequence so long as any new emails being added come after the last email they received within the Sequence, and not before that point.


The number of subscribers that were taken out of this sequence, either because they were pulled out by an automation or because of a bulk action.


This is the total number of Subscribers who have been removed from this Sequence, for one of the following reasons:

  • They unsubscribed from your list via an email in the Sequence

  • The unsubscribed from your list via another email sent from your ConvertKit account (such as a Broadcast or an email contained in a different Sequence)

  • They were deleted or otherwise removed from your ConvertKit account

You can click on any of the the above 4 categories on the sidebar of the Reports page to view the list of the specific Subscribers who fall under each. You are also able to download a CSV file containing the active Subscribers and/or Unsubscribers from this Sequence using the links provided.

Open rate

The average open rate percentage for all emails in this Sequence.

Click rate

The average click rate percentage for all emails in this Sequence.

Emails Overview

Open rate

The open rate percentage for this specific email.

Click rate

The click rate percentage for this specific email.


How many Subscribers this email has been sent to.


How many Subscribers have unsubscribed from your list via this particular email.

NOTE: If you add up the total Unsubscribers in this column, it may be less than the total number of Unsubscribers displayed on the sidebar. This is to be expected, because the sidebar Unsubscribers total includes those who have been removed via emails outside of this Sequence, while these per-email stats do not.

View Individual Subscriber Actions

You can take things one step further by clicking on the email itself from the list in the above screenshot, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can access even more stats:

From that page you can click on the links on the right sidebar (Recipients, Opens, Clicks, and Unsubscribes) to see exactly which Subscribers took action to fall underneath each of those categories. 

For ‘Clicks’ you also have the option to distinguish between which specific link was clicked. Just click the number of Subscribers (as shown below), and you’ll be able to see which Subscribers clicked on the corresponding link:

Happy analyzing! 📈

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