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Filter Subscribers by Location
Filter Subscribers by Location

Now you can send to specific Segments of Subscribers based on their geographical location and more.

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Subscribers can come from all over the world. Sometimes, however, you want to send a Broadcast to just people in specific places.

For example, if you've written a book and are doing a book tour in San Antonio, Texas, you'd want to let your Subscribers in that area know you're coming without blasting an email to your entire list!

How to Filter Subscribers by Location

After you’ve written your Broadcast at the Draft page of the Broadcast editor, click on the Continue → button to be directed to the Share page. On the Share page, check out the setting that asks "Who would you like to send this to?"

Under this setting, click on All Subscribers, followed by the "Add Filter" dropdown menu that pops up.

Then, choose one of the following options for filtering your subscribers by location:

  • Within a country or region

  • Distance from a city

  • Distance from a postal code

Type the location of your desired recipients and choose a distance from this location in miles. Together, these two pieces of information determine the size of the geographic area our platform will include.

Finally, click Add Filter.

Here’s a demo, using the Distance from a city setting as an example. 👇🏽

Location data was sourced from GeoNames and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Then send your Broadcast, telling those locals what you're up to!

NOTE: Broadcast and segment filters work in exactly the same way! So you can create a segment of subscribers, filtered by location, using the same steps above.

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