Subscribers can come from all over the world. Sometimes you want to send a Broadcast to people in specific places.

For example, if you have a book written, and you have a book tour taking you to San Antonio, Texas, you'd want to let your Subscribers in the area know you're coming without blasting an email to your entire list!

Filtering Subscribers by Location

Start your Broadcast and then check out that beautiful Subscriber filter.

Click on the All Subscribers button and choose Distance from a city.

Type in the location you're headed to, a mile radius from city center, and click Update Filter. Like this 👇🏽

Then send your Broadcast, telling those locals what you're up to!

Note: Broadcast and Segments filters work exactly the same way! So you can create a list of Subscribers via Segments, as well as sending a Broadcast, with the recipients filter. 

Exclude Within a Segment

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