Restart a Sequence

How to set up a Sequence so it can be restarted if you want your subscribers to be able to receive its content more than once.

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Sequences can now be repeated by subscribers.

It's now possible to have subscribers repeat a Sequence, meaning subscribers can receive its emails more than once!

From your Sequence's settings page, you'll see this option on the right:

By default, all Sequences will not be repeatable. If a Sequence is not repeatable, this means that subscribers will be able to receive that Sequence's emails only once, even if they get added to it multiple times.

Selecting "Yes, enable the ability to restart the Sequence multiple times" from the settings page shown above will allow subscribers to restart that Sequence from the beginning, regardless of their current status on that Sequence. (For example, a subscriber's status for a repeatable Sequence can change from "Completed" to "Active" when they restart it.)

When a subscriber restarts a Sequence, they move back to the beginning of that Sequence and begin again from there—they won’t ever be in two places in the same Sequence at once.

NOTE: Filters and exclusions still apply to repeatable Sequences. Subscribers will still not receive any content they're excluded from.

How can subscribers restart a Sequence?

If the repeat feature is enabled for a Sequence, subscribers can be re-added to that Sequence—and thereby restart it from the beginning—via one of the following methods.

It's important to note that if your subscriber is currently going through a repeatable Sequence, and something (i.e. a Visual Automation, Automation Rule, Bulk Action, or import) adds them to that Sequence again, it will cause them to restart that Sequence from the beginning.

1. Visual Automations

Any subscriber that goes through a Visual Automation that contains a repeatable Sequence will restart that Sequence from the beginning and receive its emails again.

This is true even if they've already completed that automation in the past and are looping through it again.

2. Automation Rule

Automation Rules that add subscribers to a repeatable Sequence will cause subscribers to restart that Sequence.

3. Bulk Action

Sequences can also be restarted via Bulk Actions. On the Bulk Action menu, you'll see new messaging about repeat Sequences, as well as an icon that indicates which of your Sequences are currently set to be repeatable:

Adding subscribers to a repeatable Sequence via a Bulk Action will cause them to restart that Sequence.

4. Import

Similar to Bulk Actions above, importing subscribers into a repeatable Sequence will cause them to restart that Sequence.

NOTE: If repeat is enabled for a Sequence and a subscriber restarts it, you will see that Sequence's emails listed multiple times in the email history in their subscriber profile.

Use cases for repeat Sequences

There are several occasions where you might want your subscribers to receive a Sequence's emails more than once, including:

  • Weekly/monthly challenges

  • Courses that can be purchased multiple times, or course re-runs for lifetime access

  • Sending the same content with dynamic links, such as a status update linking to a dashboard, or webinar reminders

  • Emails related to products that can be purchased multiple times, such as receipts, surveys, and upsells

  • Sales pitches

  • Content related to regular/recurring events such as holidays or check-ins

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