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How to Create a Landing Page
How to Create a Landing Page

A step-by-step tutorial for setting up a new landing page.

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Creating your landing page 🎨

Building a great looking opt-in doesn't have to be complicated, and with all of the templates you have to choose from, things just got even easier.

You don't need a website or a blog to create and share a landing page.

We will host the landing page for you, which is a stand alone opt-in that you can share anywhere!

If you need additional clarity on the differences between landing pages and forms, you can check out this quick article.

Start by selecting a template

To begin, you’ll want to select the landing page that best fits your next project. Each template option includes a preview, so don’t be afraid to check out a few of them!

Note: When you tab back to view more landing pages, you’ll have to reselect the landing page option first, and then continue looking through templates.

Write a simple headline

Now that you have your landing page, you’ll want to write a catchy headline. Take five minutes to summarize exactly what you’d like to say to your audience, and then add that thought here. (Note: you can always go back and change this if you like!)

If you're having trouble getting started, we've got some tips.

Add an image

Next, select an image that you’d like to add to your landing page. You have the option to upload your own branded image, or you can select a beautiful image from our direct integration with Unsplash.

At first, selecting to replace or add a background image will take you to a blank screen with four options:

From here, you can select to upload an existing image, or select an image from Unsplash, Instagram, or a background from Hero Patterns!

Searching Unsplash for just the right image for your background is easy.

Linking up your Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you can choose to integrate that directly with your landing page, and select and display any of your own images as well!

Design Tips

Remember: anything you can click on, you can edit! Your background color, button color and text, font color, and more, are all up for grabs.

NOTE: The style options in the sidebar will vary based on your template & what you're editing at the time. Click around your landing page elements to explore the different options!

A few extra things:

  • Selecting to send the incentive email will allow you to share a freebie with your new subscribers. This is highly recommended as it engages them right away. Learn more about it here.

  • The double opt-in is a great best practice to follow. If you would like to learn more you can do that here.

  • You can choose to set up a custom domain and a page URL separately. The difference is important. If you're unsure about setting up either of these, we recommend using ours out of the box.

Your landing page content

Make it sound like you!

Now it’s time to share what your landing page is all about.

What are you sharing with this opt-in? What would you like your audience to do?

Remember to keep it simple and straightforward. Your goal here is to get a visitor to add their email and join your list, so talk about that in as few words as possible while still conveying your project, product, or other offering clearly.

Save & share your work

Go ahead and click that Publish button, and then preview your new landing page! You can use your share link to view in a browser and on mobile, to get a feel for the experience your audience will have when they see it on their device.

You can share this link anywhere including Facebook, Instagram, and X/Twitter. Don't wait to share your work - do it now!

Want to see how other creators are using ConvertKit landing pages?

Our community is a great place to find more answers, examples, and inspiration for how you can better utilize this feature. You can ask questions, share your work, and learn how other creators are building their audience through well-built opt-ins.

Learn more right here! 👇

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