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How to keep track of and email your Creator Network subscribers
How to keep track of and email your Creator Network subscribers
Other creators in the Creator Network have sent subscribers your way! Now what? Here are some tips.
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The Creator Network is currently in a closed beta, and only creators who joined the waitlist will get access from April 2023 onwards. The waitlist is now closed. Not on the waitlist? Sign up here to get alerted when the Creator Network officially launches or try to find a referral link shared by someone on the waitlist to get in, by searching on Twitter using this link.

Video Walkthrough on setting up a segment to see your Creator Network subscribers

Did you get subscribers from the Creator Network? We love to see it.

To help you keep track of the subscribers you've gained from the Creator Network, we'll add all of them to an email form called "Creator Network."

You won't find this form in the Landing Pages & Forms page of your ConvertKit account, but it'll show up when you're trying to select a group of your subscribers.

For example, here's the "Creator Network" form showing up when you select your broadcast recipients:

So here are some ideas on how you can manage and engage with your Creator Network subscribers!

Create a dedicated segment for your Creator Network subscribers

By creating a segment, you can group your Creator Network subscribers and track their numbers.

Go to the Subscribers page in the top navigation and click Create a Segment, then set up the segment to include subscribers who signed up via the "Creator Network" form.

NOTE: Segments keep track of only active subscribers (and not those who have unsubscribed), so the number of Creator Network subscribers in your segment may be lower than the number recorded in the Creator Network's Recommended By page.

Send a broadcast to your Creator Network subscribers

You can also send broadcasts to your Creator Network subscribers.

Just create the broadcast and select the subscribers of your "Creator Network" form as the broadcast's recipients.

Welcome Creator Network subscribers to your community with an automated email

Using a visual automation, you can automatically welcome Creator Network subscribers to your community after they've signed up.

But if you'd prefer to create your visual automation from scratch, start a blank new visual automation and set its entry point as being when subscribers join your "Creator Network" form.

Next, set up a visual automation action that adds subscribers to the welcome email sequence you want your Creator Network subscribers to receive.

That's the end of the basic setup, but you can add more steps to your visual automation as you need.

NOTE: In a similar vein, you can set up an automation rule that triggers when subscribers join your email list via the Creator Network.

Track who recommended you to your Creator Network subscribers

You can analyze which creators in the Creator Network have sent you the most subscribers by going to the Recommended By page in your Creator Network settings.

More details in the article below!

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