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What is the Creator Network?
What is the Creator Network?

Recommend to your subscribers creators worth checking out, and get recommended in turn, to build your email audiences together.

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Partner with other creators to grow each other's subscriber lists!

The Creator Network is our feature for helping you discover other creators and get discovered in turn.

If you see a creator with similar content as you, you can recommend them to people who have just subscribed to your email list:

Likewise, other creators can discover and recommend you to their subscribers, too.

The result? Everyone grows their email lists, and everyone wins. πŸš€

What does this look like from the subscriber's perspective?

What are the rules for getting recommended?

Since the Creator Network is powered by reciprocity, you'll need to recommend at least one other creator before others can recommend you to their subscribers.

You'll also need to display these Recommendations on at least one Form or Landing page.

This means that you cannot be recommended if you:

  • Have turned off your Recommendations for other creators,

  • Haven't selected at least one Form or Landing Page for displaying your Recommendations on, or

  • Haven't chosen at least one other creator to recommend. (NOTE: This sole creator cannot be a Paid Recommendation.)

You'll also need to have a paid ConvertKit plan to be part of the Creator Network.

How many creators can you recommend at once?

You can recommend up to 100 creators simultaneously. If you already have 100 active Recommendations, you will need to remove some of them before recommending someone new.

To ensure a positive user experience for subscribers, we will display a maximum of five Recommendations at a time on your Forms or Landing Pages. This selection will be random.

Considering the number of new subscribers you acquire each day is crucial to maintain an effective recommendation strategy for creators.

For instance, if you gain 100 new subscribers daily and your recommendation conversion rate is 20%, it means you will be sending 20 subscribers to the creators on your Recommendations list.

If you recommend 10 creators, each one will receive an average of two subscribers per day

However, if you recommend only two creators, each one will receive an average of 10 subscribers per day, which may have a greater impact.

Can you get paid for recommending creators to your subscribers?

Yes, you can! πŸ’°

How can you keep track of the subscribers you've received via Creator Network Recommendations?

In your Creator Network settings, you can view reports on the total number of subscribers you've gotten via Recommendations.

We'll also associate all subscribers you've received via Recommendations with a form called "Creator Network."

Like any other ConvertKit Form or Landing Page, you can then use the "Creator Network" Form to add these subscribers to a Segment, send them a Broadcast, or trigger a Visual Automation.

What happens if you already have SparkLoop's Upscribe feature set up for your newsletter?

Our Recommendations screen will replace your Upscribe widget and you won't be able to recommend other creators via Upscribe while you are part of the Creator Network. Before joining the Creator Network, make sure to hide Upscribe on the Forms on which you are planning to display your Creator Network Recommendations.

If you have joined SparkLoop's Partner Program for paying creators who refer new subscribers to you, you can still continue to be part of the program. ConvertKit creators will also be able to set up Paid Recommendations in the Creator Network to recommend your newsletter in exchange for payment.

Ready to be part of the Creator Network? Then learn how you can get access in the article below! πŸ‘‡

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