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How to join the Creator Network
How to join the Creator Network
Steps for being part of the Creator Network (and managing your Creator Network settings after that).
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The Creator Network is currently in a closed beta, and only creators who joined the waitlist will get access from April 2023 onwards. The waitlist is now closed. Not on the waitlist? Sign up here to get alerted when the Creator Network officially launches or try to find a referral link shared by someone on the waitlist to get in, by searching on Twitter using this link.

New creator partnerships and subscribers await

With the Creator Network, you can recommend creators for your subscribers to check out—and receive recommendations from other creators in turn! It's a fantastic way of partnering with fellow creators and growing each other's email lists together. 🤝

So if you want in on the action, let's dive into:

NOTE: You can join the Creator Network only if you have a paid ConvertKit plan.

How to join the Creator Network

You can find your Creator Network settings by clicking the Grow tab in the top navigation, followed by Creator Network.

After that, complete these five easy steps to join the Creator Network!

1. Confirm your Creator Profile

Your Creator Profile is a one-page summary of who you are as a creator. It also features your email content, links, and products.

Subscribers will see the creator name, profile picture, and bio you've set up for your Creator Profile when other creators recommend you, so confirm the text and images that should be displayed for these.

Click Next when you're happy with your Creator Profile information. Don't worry too much about getting your Creator Profile bio perfect the first time—you can always update it later! We recommend keeping it short and clear.

2. Choose your creator type

Choose up to three options from the list of creator types provided:

Setting up your creator types helps us match you with similar creators, as they will be used in the Creator Network as filters. This way, you can be recommended by others like you more easily!

Again, click Next when you're ready to move to the next step.

3. Choose your topics

Similarly, select the topics you cover as a creator. You can choose up to three options here.

After that, click the Next button.

4. Select the forms and landing pages on which you want to recommend other creators

To be recommended by fellow creators in the Creator Network, you'll need to recommend them too. So here, choose the forms and landing pages on which you want to display your Recommendations. These Recommendations will appear right after a person has subscribed via your form or landing page.

You can enable Recommendations on all your forms and landing pages, or just selected ones. However, you will need to select at least one form or landing page to join the Creator Network.

Click Next when you've selected the forms and/or landing pages on which you want to display your Recommendations.

5. Choose creators to recommend on your forms and landing pages

Last but not least, you'll be directed to the Discover page for selecting creators to recommend! You'll need to recommend at least one creator before others can recommend you.

There is no limit on the number of creators you can recommend, but we will randomly select up to five for recommending on your forms and landing pages at any one time.

The creators you recommend also need not be the creators who have recommended you (although they can be!)

You're recommending at least one creator? Then congratulations. You're officially part of the Creator Network. 🌐

NOTE: If you've followed these steps for joining the Creator Network but your forms and landing pages aren't displaying your Recommendations, we've put together a troubleshooting guide here.

Viewing your Recommendations and updating your Recommendations settings

View the creators you've recommended—and the number of subscribers you've sent their way—by clicking the My Recommendations page in the Creator Network settings:

You can also preview how your Recommendations will appear to subscribers who have just joined your email list by clicking the Preview button.

On the Creators tab in the left sidebar, you can select the number of recommendation slots (up to five) for displaying on your forms and landing pages.

Meanwhile, the Visibility tab lets you update the forms and landing pages on which you want to display your Recommendations.

Viewing who has recommended you and updating your creator settings

On the Creator Network settings' Recommended By page, you can view a list of creators who have recommended you and the number of subscribers you've gained from these Recommendations.

The Creator Profile tab in the right sidebar displays your Creator Profile profile picture, name, and bio. Click the Edit Profile button to update these, or the Preview button to preview your full Creator Profile.

You can also click the Settings tab in the right sidebar to update your creator type and topics.

How to leave the Creator Network

If you no longer want to give or receive Recommendations, toggle the Recommendations switch on the Recommended By, My Recommendations, or Discover pages to the "Off" position.

You can also exit the Creator Network using either of these options:

  • Removing all creators from your Recommendations list

  • Disabling Recommendations on all your forms or landing pages

Once you've started getting subscribers from the Creator Network, send them emails to welcome them to your community! More details in the article below 👇

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