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Add Recommendations to your Creator Profile
Add Recommendations to your Creator Profile

Here’s how to share your curated Recommendations with your subscribers.

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Recommend your favorite creators on your Creator Profile

As part of ConvertKit’s Creator Network, you’re able to discover other creators and get discovered in turn. The result is that everyone grows their email lists - which means everyone wins!

Now, you can also recommend your favorite creators by sharing them on your Creator Profile.

The Recommendations page on your Creator Profile lets you share your curated Recommendations list with your subscribers.

This way, they can discover new creators to subscribe to. The creators you recommend may also choose to recommend you back!

Here's how to add Recommendations to your Creator Profile.

NOTE: Adding the Recommendations page to your Creator Profile—or disabling it—will not affect the popping up of the Recommendations window (as shown below) after someone subscribes via your Creator Profile.

This Recommendations window will appear as long as you have enabled Recommendations in your Creator Network settings. You can disable Recommendations by following the steps here, but doing so will cause you to leave the Creator Network entirely and you will not be able to receive Recommendations from other creators.

Step 1: Recommend creators

First things first, you’ll need to be recommending at least one other creator. You can do this by joining the Creator Network if you haven't already.

When you first join the Creator Network, you'll have set up a Recommendation for at least one other creator. But if you've subsequently removed all your Recommendations, you can add a new one by going to Grow > Recommendations.

Use the Discover page to find creators to recommend.

Step 2: Turn on Recommendations on your Creator Profile

Once you’re recommending at least one creator, turn on Recommendations on your Creator Profile:

Click Grow > Creator Profile from the top navigation in your ConvertKit account.

From the right sidebar of your Creator Profile settings, click Recommendations. After that, enable the Show Recommendations toggle.

We'll save the change automatically, but you'll need to click the Publish button for the Recommendations page to appear on your Creator Profile.

You can also preview what the Recommendations page will look like to potential subscribers from the Creator Profile builder:

Step 3: Preview your Creator Profile

Once you have the Recommendations page turned on, click Open at the top to preview how your Creator Profile will look to potential subscribers.

Here’s what the Recommendations page looks like on a live Creator Profile:

Now, when a subscriber visits your Creator Profile, they’ll be able to subscribe to any of your recommended creators they find interesting.

If you don't see the Recommendations page on your live Creator Profile despite having enabled the Show Recommendations toggle in the Creator Profile settings, make sure you've published the changes to your Creator Profile.

NOTE: Only Free Recommendations will show up on your Creator Profile's Recommendations tab at this time. If you've set up Paid Recommendations, they will be displayed in the Recommendations window that appears when someone subscribes via your Creator Profile.

That’s it! Be sure to check out our tips for getting recommended by other creators 👇

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