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Tips for getting recommended by Creator Network creators
Tips for getting recommended by Creator Network creators

How to optimize your Creator Profile and reach out to Creator Network creators so they'll recommend their audience to join your email list.

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Your next recommendation may be an ask away

Once you've joined the Creator Network, you're eligible for getting recommended to a creator's subscribers—who may decide to also sign up for your emails!

But what if you're having trouble getting such recommendations?

In this case, we suggest first preparing a compelling Creator Profile so that creators who check it out will feel that you're someone worth recommending.

After that, use our outreach ideas to get in touch with fellow creators and ask for a recommendation!

Prepare a compelling Creator Profile

Reach out to creators for recommendations

Get notified of new recommendations

Prepare a compelling Creator Profile

1. Fill out your Creator Profile as completely as you can

At the very minimum, you'll need to fill out your creator name, profile picture, and bio in your Creator Profile to join the Creator Network.

But your Creator Profile may still look a little bare at this stage, so let's fill it out more to entice other creators into recommending you!

On your Creator Profile, for example, you could:

  • Add your links (such as to your blog or socials) to your Creator Profile

  • Feature your latest newsletters

More info on adding all these in our separate guide to managing your Creator Profile.

2. Add keywords relevant to your creator business to your Creator Profile

Our Creator Network's Discover page provides a handy search bar for creators to find other creators to recommend.

But unless they know the person's name already, creators may search for other creators based on the types of creators they want to be associated with. Try to think of the keywords (which can also be phrases) they may use to find creators like you, then add these to your Creator Profile's creator name and/or bio.

Let's say we have a food blogger, Matt, who wants to recommend other food bloggers.

He might therefore search for food bloggers on the Creator Network using food-related keywords such as:

  • "food blogger"

  • "cooking"

  • "food"

  • "recipes"

So if you're a fellow food blogger, you can help Matt find you by including such keywords in your Creator Profile!

3. Write an attractive Creator Profile bio

Creators may check out your Creator Profile when deciding whether to recommend you to their subscribers. Write a bio that gives them a reason to do so.

You could:

  • Establish your credibility by sharing how you've won coveted awards (e.g. "Winner of the 2020 Booker Prize") or been featured in well-known publications (e.g. "as featured in The New York Times")

  • Feature your achievements, such as reaching significant financial milestones (e.g. "I've built a $15K/month business with email") or growing a large email list (e.g. "Join 25,000 other subscribers")

  • Share your expertise, such as what you specialize in (e.g. "Expert in shooting beautiful wedding photos during the golden hour") or how you help your subscribers (e.g. "I help stay-at-home moms keep their kids entertained with DIY crafts and activities that won't break the bank!")

Be specific about what you do and how you help others. Providing numbers or data to back up your statements helps a lot here!

Reach out to creators for recommendations

Now that you've got a sweet Creator Profile, let's start connecting with fellow creators and scoring those recs.

Recommend other creators first

Take the initiative to recommend other creators even if they haven't recommended you. When they check their Creator Network settings, they may just see you've recommended them and decide to return the favor.

You can also create a social media post to share that you've recommended them and tag them in it. If they see your post, they may recommend you back.

Tweet or DM a creator with whom you want to partner

Go shoot your shot! Tweet or DM a creator you admire and ask if they'd be willing to recommend you. If you don't have their social handles, you'll probably find these on their Creator Profile. 😉

For example, you could say:

"Hey [Name], I love your work and I see that you're using ConvertKit too! [Briefly introduce yourself and what you do, and how the creator might find this interesting.] Would you be willing to recommend me on the Creator Network?"

Try tailoring your outreach message for each creator you approach to improve its effectiveness.

You'll also have a higher chance of the creator agreeing to recommend you if you're on good terms with them, so consider building a relationship with them before making your ask.

Get on the creator's email list via their Creator Profile

Doing so will get you their email address so you can email them for a recommendation. But apart from that, you'll also receive their newsletters!

As you read these, you'll learn more about their business and can craft a more personalized pitch.

While you could just read the emails they've published on their Creator Profile (in the form of posts), signing up for their email list helps you get their latest emails automatically—including those they may not feature on their Creator Profile.

Subscribing also shows your sincerity in wanting to keep up with their work and build a relationship with them.

Tweet us @convertkit

Still having trouble finding creators to partner with? You're welcome to tweet us @convertkit and ask for suggestions. We'll try to match you with suitable creators.

When creators recommend you, they'll show up on the Recommended By page in your Creator Network settings. You can also track the number of subscribers each of them has referred to you.

Get notifications for recommendations

Notifications are now available on if you're an active user in the Creator Network! You’ll automatically be notified via email when a creator starts recommending you.

Notifications of new recommendations will be sent once per hour letting you know how many people have recommended you. For example, if you get recommended by 5 creators in one hour, we will send one email at the top of the hour showing that 5 creators are now recommending you.

If you’d like to opt out of these notifications, navigate to Settings > Notifications from your account and uncheck the ‘Recommendations’ box. Simply check the box again to turn notifications back on!

For more information about account notifications, check out this article.

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