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That’s what the Creator Profile is. It features a bio of who you are, plus a collection of your posts and links on one neat page.

Want to see what a creator profile looks like live? Take a look at Convertkit's Creator Profile!

You can access the Creator Profile builder by clicking Grow in the top navigation in ConvertKit, followed by Creator Profile.

Let’s take a look at how you can customize your Creator Profile and share it when you’re done:

We’ll auto-save your changes as you go along, but you can also hit the Save button at the top right of the Creator Profile builder to save your work whenever you’d like.

Customizing the introduction section

The main introduction section of the Creator Profile contains your name, bio, and profile photo. Click any of these to change them.

For example, to customize your bio, click the bio and type away. Click anywhere outside the bio to save your changes.

The main introduction section also contains an email form for people to subscribe to your email list. This email form will appear a second time at the bottom of your Creator Profile.

Customizing the posts and links menu

Immediately below the introduction section, you’ll see the posts and links menu.

You can click and drag the Posts and Links options to rearrange their order in the menu.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to display your posts and/or links on your Creator Profile, toggle the Enable posts and Enable links settings in the right sidebar respectively.

Customizing the posts section

The posts section is where your public broadcasts will be displayed. To customize it, click the Posts option in the posts and links menu.

You’ll need to add your broadcasts to your public feed for them to appear in the posts section. Paid posts will also appear here, but with a padlock icon to indicate that only paid subscribers can read them.

Up to 10 public broadcasts can be displayed in each page of the posts section. There is also no limit on the number of pages for this section.

Customizing the links section

The links section is where you can add links to different platforms, such as your blog or social media pages. To customize the links section, click the Links option in the posts and links menu.

Click the Add link button to add a new link.

To customize your link, click it once and you’ll have options for customizing its text color, font size, icon color style, and more in the right sidebar.

Click the link a second time, and you can then customize your link text, icon, and URL. You can also delete the link from your Creator Profile by clicking Remove link.

If you have added multiple links, click the hamburger icon next to them in the right sidebar to rearrange the order of the links.

Styling your Creator Profile

Click the General styles setting in the right sidebar to style your Creator Profile.

Apart from the options to enable the displaying of posts and links in your Creator Profile (as mentioned above), you can also customize your:

  • Theme (coming soon!): Choose whether to display your Creator Profile in light mode, dark mode, or auto mode. If you choose auto mode, we’ll display your Creator Profile in light or dark mode depending on the viewer’s device setting. Please note that this feature is not yet available.

  • Accent color: This setting primarily controls the color of the sign-up button on your Creator Profile’s email form.

  • Heading font: Choose a font family and font weight for the headings in your Creator Profile.

  • Body font: Choose a font family and font weight for the body text in your Creator Profile.

Customizing your Creator Profile’s domain name and newsletter product

To customize your Creator Profile’s URL or the paid newsletter product associated with it, click the Settings option at the top right of the Creator Profile builder.

The Domain name setting lets you set the domain name of your Creator Profile. (You can learn how to add more domains to your ConvertKit account here.)

Meanwhile, the Newsletter Product setting lets you associate your Creator Profile with a paid newsletter product (if you have one). When you do so, the paid posts in your Cerator Profile will be linked to your selected newsletter product.

Previewing and sharing your Creator Profile

Click the Preview option at the top right of the Creator Profile builder at any time to preview your Creator Profile.

Your Creator Profile then will open in a new tab for your review.

If you’re happy with the look of your Creator Profile, you can then grab your Creator Profile link from the browser address bar for sharing everywhere! 🎉

Want to share your Creator Profile on your socials? We’ve got a handy guide to sharing your form or landing page on various social media platforms.

The guide applies to sharing your Creator Profile link too, so check it out 👇

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