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Managing your Creator Profile in ConvertKit
Managing your Creator Profile in ConvertKit

Learn how to customize your Creator Profile's posts, links, and more before you share it with the world.

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A one-stop hub for your audience to find your content and products

That's what the Creator Profile is. It features a bio of who you are, plus a collection of your posts, products, and links on one neat page. It also has a form for users to subscribe to your email list.

To see what a Creator Profile looks like live, check out ConvertKit's Creator Profile!

You can access the Creator Profile builder by clicking Grow in the top navigation in ConvertKit, followed by Creator Profile.

Generally, you'll use the customization settings on the right to edit your Creator Profile, and preview the changes to your Creator Profile on the left.

So, let's look at how you can customize your Creator Profile and share it when you're done.

NOTE: We auto-save the changes you make to your Creator Profile, but you'll need to click the Publish button to apply them to your live Creator Profile.

Customizing your Creator Profile

Profile introduction and email form

Click any of these in your Creator Profile introduction to change them:

  • Creator business name

  • Bio

  • Profile photo

  • Name or byline (optional)

  • Email form's button text

For example, to customize your bio, click it and type away. Click anywhere outside the bio and we'll save your changes.

Design & template

Click Design & Template in the right sidebar to customize your Creator Profile's:

  • Template

  • Colors (e.g., background color, accent color, and heading color)

  • Fonts (i.e., heading and body font and font weight)

Navigation menu

The navigation menu helps users navigate to your Creator Profile's Posts, Recommendations, Products, and Links pages (if you have these enabled).

Here's how the navigation menu looks if you're using the Hudson template for your Creator Profile:

Click Navigation Menu in the right sidebar to customize the order of these pages in your Creator Profile's navigation menu.

Just drag and drop the pages in your preferred order.

Newsletter posts

The Posts page displays your public Broadcastsโ€”both free and paid. Paid posts will have a padlock icon to indicate that only paid subscribers can read them.

Click Newsletter Posts in the right sidebar to customize these settings:

  • Show Newsletter Posts: Enable (or disable) the Posts page on your Creator Profile.

  • Featured post: Select whether your Creator Profile should feature your newest public post or a specific public post of your choice. You can make your posts public using the Public posts setting further down in the sidebar.

  • Post visibility: Select whether anyone can read your (free) public posts or whether they'll need to have subscribed to your email list first. If you limit post access to just your subscribers, everyone who clicks your posts will see a preview of them and subscribers can log in to continue reading.

  • Public posts: Select the Broadcasts you want to display on your Creator Profile.

  • Newsletter product: Select the paid newsletter product users will need to be subscribed to before they can read your paid posts.

You can also click Write new post to start a new Broadcast. The new Broadcast will appear on your Creator Profile after you've made it publicly available and published it.


The Products page displays your ConvertKit Commerce products.

To enable (or disable) the Products page on your Creator Profile, click Products in the right sidebar, then toggle the Show Commerce products setting.

You can also select the products you want to display on the Products page.


The Recommendations page displays the creators that you recommend your subscribers check out (and subscribe to as well).

NOTE: You will need to have joined the Creator Network before you can recommend creators.

To enable (or disable) the Recommendations page on your Creator Profile, click Recommendations in the right sidebar, then toggle the Show Recommendations setting.

If you want to change your recommended creators, you can do so from your Creator Network settings.


The Links page displays links to your different platforms, like your blog or social media accounts.

Click Links in the right sidebar to:

  • Show Links: Enable (or disable) the Links page on your Creator Profile.

  • Add links: Click + Add new link to add a new link to the Links page.

  • Edit links: Click the pencil icon next to a link to edit its label, URL, and icon.

  • Reorder your links: Drag and drop the links in your preferred order.

  • Delete links: Click the trash can next to a link to delete it.

  • Change your links' colors: Change your links' background color, text color, icon color, and so on.

  • Show or hide the link URL: Use the Show URL toggle to show (or hide) your links' URLs from the Links page. (Your links' labels will still be visible.)

Domain name

Click Domain Name in the right sidebar to select the domain name you want to use for your Creator Profile URL.

By default, your Creator Profile URL will use the account domain we assign to you, such as But you can change it to use a custom domain such as

NOTE: If you want to use a custom domain for your Creator Profile URL, you'll need to add the custom domain to your ConvertKit account first.


The SEO settings in the right sidebar help you customize your Creator Profile's appearance on search engine results pages and social media platforms.

You can customize your Creator Profile's:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Social share image: We automatically generate a default image of your Creator Profile that will appear when you share it on your socials. The default image will automatically update to match the changes you make to your Creator Profile. You can click Change image to replace our default social share image with your own. We recommend that your image have a 16:9 aspect ratio. (An image dimension of 1,200 x 675 px will work great!) Alternatively, click Reset image to replace your custom social share image with our default one.

Publishing your changes

Once you're happy with your changes to your Creator Profile, click Publish to apply them to your live Creator Profile.

Previewing and sharing your Creator Profile

Use the desktop and mobile icons to preview your Creator Profile in desktop and mobile view respectively.

You can also click Open to view the live version of your Creator Profile.

NOTE: If your live Creator Profile isn't showing the changes you've made to it, check that you've published these first.

If you're happy with how your Creator Profile looks, grab its link from your browser's address bar for sharing everywhere! ๐Ÿ“ฃ

You can copy the main link for your Creator Profile (e.g., or the link for a specific page of your Creator Profile (e.g.,

To get the link for a specific page of your Creator Profile, click the page from your Creator Profile's navigation menu and copy the link that appears in your address bar.

Viewing your Creator Profile reports

Click Reports to view a report on your Creator Profile's performance over the last 90 days, including:

  • The number of visits it has received

  • The number of confirmed subscribers who signed up via your Creator Profile

  • The top pages that referred visitors to your Creator Profile

You can also download a CSV file of all subscribers who signed up via your Creator Profile to date.


Want to share your Creator Profile on your socials? We've got a handy guide to sharing your Forms and Landing Pages on various social media platforms.

The guide applies to sharing your Creator Profile URL too, so check it out ๐Ÿ‘‡

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