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Why isn't my Sequence sending?
Why isn't my Sequence sending?

What to look for if your Sequence seems to be stuck--and how to fix it!

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You've spent all this time crafting the perfect Sequence to send to your subscribers...but now it's not sending. What gives? 🤷‍♀️

If your Sequence emails aren't sending to your subscribers, here are a few things you can check to see if things are set up correctly. 👇

1. Are you using a custom domain email as your sending email?

Free email addresses like Gmail and Yahoo (e.g. [email protected]) are not recommended as they often cause failed or bounced emails.

To check this, go to the Settings tab in your Sequence and look for Send emails as on the left-hand side:

If you are sending from a free email address, we have helpful instructions for getting a custom domain in this article.

👉 Once you’ve added your custom domain email address for sending, feel free to reach out to our support team so they can help resend any emails that might have bounced!

2. Have subscribers been added to the Sequence?

Sequences won’t send to your subscribers unless they've been added using one of the following methods:

You can check if subscribers have been added to the Sequence by going to the Reports tab and checking the number next to "Subscribers" in the left-hand column:

If the subscribers number is 0, that means that no subscribers are active in the Sequence and you'll need to add them using a Visual Automation, Rule, or Bulk Action.

Once subscribers have been added, the Sequence emails will start to send!

3. Are your Sequence emails published?

Make sure your Sequence emails have been published. If they're still in draft mode, they won't send.

You'll see a toggle on the left-hand side of your Sequence email that says Published. Make sure this is toggled on:

Once you’ve changed the status to published, be sure to hit the red Publish changes button at the bottom of the email to save your changes.

NOTE: Having trouble getting the status of your Sequence to change? Make sure you’ve added a physical mailing address to your account settings.

4. When is the first Sequence email set to send?

If you've already added subscribers to your Sequence but it's not sending right away, check the settings for the first email in the Sequence.

If it's not set to send immediately, this can explain a delay:

If you want the Sequence email to send right away, set this to "0 days" or "0 hours" so it sends out immediately:

5. Do you have any exclusions or filters set up?

If you’ve excluded subscribers from the Sequence, that means those subscribers won’t receive any emails in the Sequence unless you remove the exclusion.

To check any exclusions, go to your Sequence's Settings tab:

You may also have filters set up within individual Sequence emails like this:

In the example above, anyone who has the "Guitar students" Tag will not receive this Sequence email.

If you do have an exclusion, simply remove it and then save your Sequence settings. If you remove a filter, the system will save that change immediately.

Removing an exclusion or filter this way should trigger the Sequence to send within a few minutes, although sometimes it can take up to an hour.

NOTE: If your email wasn't sending because of a filter or exclusion, and still hasn't sent an hour after you removed the filter or exclusion, contact our support team and tell them you removed an exclusion.

There are a number of nuanced technical reasons an email that had been filtered/excluded might not send, and our support team will be able to identify the issue for you.

6. Is your Sequence set to send only on certain days or no days at all?

Check to see if your Sequence is set to only send on certain days of the week.

There are two places this can be set up:

  • In the Sequence's Settings tab:

  • In an individual email’s settings:

For example, if it’s Thursday and your Sequence settings have Thursday unchecked, that would explain why it’s not sending.

Likewise, make sure you have at least one day of the week checked, or else the Sequence won’t send at all!

7. Have your subscribers completed the Sequence within a Visual Automation?

Is your Sequence part of a Visual Automation?

If so, any subscribers who have received all of the published emails in the Sequence will be marked as "Completed" and will move on through the funnel. This means they won’t get any new emails you add to the Sequence.

You can see if any subscribers are marked as "Completed" by checking the Sequence report:

☝️ NOTE: To prevent this from happening in the future, you can set up evergreen Sequences, which will keep subscribers in a Sequence:

If your Sequence subscribers are already marked as "Completed," reach out to our support team and we can reactivate the subscribers for you.

Hopefully you’ve been able to identify your Sequence sending issue using this guide! If you’re still having trouble, let our support team know so they can troubleshoot with you.

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