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How to Use Bulk Actions
How to Use Bulk Actions

How to run bulk actions on your subscriber list, and where they are available.

Updated over a week ago

Bulk actions just got a whole lot more useful.

We've recently released bulk action capabilities to many more locations in the app, and we want to make sure you're aware of how (and where) you're able to make use of this feature!

Our current bulk actions

Here are the actions you are currently able to execute in bulk:

  • Add a Tag

  • Remove a Tag

  • Add a Sequence

  • Remove a Sequence

  • Export (i.e. subscribers)

  • Delete (i.e. subscribers)

Where am I able to run bulk actions within the app?

Bulk actions are available from pages on which a list of Subscribers is displayed. Here are the 'list pages' on which they are available:

  • The overall Subscribers page, as well as within all of your Tags, Segments, and Products from its sidebar

  • Recipients, opens, clicks, and cancelled Subscribers for Broadcasts

  • Subscribers to specific Forms & Landing Pages

  • Unconfirmed, active, completed, and cancelled Subscribers on/from a Sequence

  • Recipients, opens, clicks, and cancelled Subscribers on/from particular Sequence emails

NOTE: Not sure where to find all of those pages? 👆Check out our articles on Broadcast Reporting and Sequence Reporting for a guide!

A note on repeat Sequences

When you run an 'Add to Sequence' bulk action, you'll notice a message about repeat Sequences. This is to let you know that if you add Subscribers to a repeatable Sequence and they've already gone through that Sequence or are currently going through it, they will restart that Sequence from the beginning and receive the emails again. There will also be an icon to indicate which of your Sequences are currently set to be repeatable:

For more information on how repeat Sequences work, please check out our dedicated tutorial here!

Steps to perform a bulk action

First, please note that the steps to perform any bulk action—from any page—are the same! The only things that change are the group of Subscribers you select, and which action you select from the dropdown.

1. Navigate to the page of Subscribers on which you want to perform the action

Which group of Subscribers needs the bulk action?

In this example, we're going to add all of those with a specific Tag to a particular Sequence. For this step, we simply need to click on that Tag from the sidebar of the Subscribers page.

2. Select the Subscribers via the checkboxes on the page

Check the boxes next to the Subscribers on which you want this bulk action to be performed.

Or, if you want to select all of the Subscribers in a particular group (e.g. everyone with a particular tag), first click the very top checkbox on the list—but, note that this will select only the Subscribers on the current page, not everyone in the group!

To select everyone in this entire group, click the link in the blue bar that appears here:

3. Click the bulk actions dropdown and select your action

Once your Subscribers are selected, you can select which action to perform on them from the bulk actions dropdown:

That's it! From there, just follow the onscreen prompts to complete your action.

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