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How to hold subscribers in evergreen Sequences
How to hold subscribers in evergreen Sequences

Now you can keep subscribers in a Sequence, even if all of its emails have already been sent.

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If you’re currently creating a Sequence and plan to add more emails in the future, you need an evergreen Sequence!

Let’s say you’ve created a Sequence with five emails ready to be published. You know you want to add more emails down the road, but you’re not ready to write them just yet.

With the way our Visual Automations work, subscribers get marked as "Completed" in a particular Sequence once they receive the last published email in that Sequence. This means they’ll exit the Sequence and won’t get any of those new emails you plan to add at a later time.

The good news is you now have the option to choose whether you want subscribers to exit the Sequence or stay in the Sequence. A Sequence set to keep its subscribers is called an evergreen Sequence.

NOTE: This feature is available for only creators on a paid plan.

Let's walk through how to set this up in your ConvertKit account.

How to set up an evergreen Sequence

Start by going to the Sequences page, which can be accessed by going to Send > Sequences from the top navigation bar.

Then, choose an existing Sequence or create a new one.

Once you’re in the Sequence editor, click Settings in the top right corner.

On the right side of the page (below Sequence Behavior), you’ll see a section that says Should subscribers added via Visual Automations stay in the sequence?

From here, you'll be able to choose whether or not your subscribers stay in the Sequence once they complete it.

☝️ Here's what these options mean:

  • Choosing No means that subscribers that have been added via a Visual Automation won’t receive any new emails you add to the Sequence in the future.

  • Choosing Yes means that subscribers will stay active in the Sequence and receive any new emails that you add later on.

NOTE: Be sure to click the Update Sequence button in the bottom right corner to save your changes after making them!

Once you have the evergreen Sequence set up, you can breathe easy knowing that you can add new Sequence emails whenever they're ready! 🎉

Frequently asked questions

Who will get new emails I add to the Sequence?

When a new email is added to an evergreen Sequence, it will be sent to all subscribers who are subscribed to the Sequence.

This includes the subscribers who received your previous emails before you added new ones.

What if I’m not using a Visual Automation?

If subscribers are added to a Sequence via a Rule or a Bulk Action, subscribers will automatically stay active in the Sequence. This is even if they have received all the emails in that Sequence.

Why are my subscribers not moving to the next step in my Visual Automation?

Let’s say you have a Visual Automation that adds a Tag after a subscriber receives a Sequence.

If you have the evergreen Sequence option turned on, subscribers will not progress past the Sequence step to get the Tag because they are still active in the Sequence.

To get them to move forward, you will have to turn the evergreen option off.

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