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Here's how to receive notifications when you get a new subscriber or make a sale

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As a creator, keeping track of your audience growth and product sales is super important to the success of your business.

That’s why we created account notifications to help you keep track of what’s happening within your ConvertKit account 🎉

Account notifications are ideal if you want to:

  • know when someone new joins your email list

  • get notified of new product sales (using ConvertKit Commerce)

  • monitor your account activity on the go without having to log in on mobile

  • receive personalized tips and tricks so you can grow your email list

  • receive notifications when someone starts to recommend you on the Creator Network

Here’s how notifications work and how to enable/disable them:

Account notifications

Account notifications will notify you via email when:

  • A new subscriber joins your list

  • Someone purchases your Commerce product

  • When someone starts to recommend you on the Creator Network

NOTE: Currently, a notification will only be sent when someone buys a Commerce product. A notification won't be sent if someone sends a tip via Commerce or buys a product hosted on a third-party platform.

To enable or disable account notifications, head to Settings > Notifications.

Account summary emails

We’ll send you a weekly or monthly account summary that gives you an overview of your ConvertKit activity for the week/month.

The account summary email includes:

  • How many subscribers have joined your list and how many have unsubscribed

  • How many emails have been sent in the past week/month (including open and click rates)

  • How many products you have sold (total revenue, revenue, top seller)

  • How many creators have started recommending you on the Creator Network

Managing notifications

To enable or disable account notifications, head to Settings > Notifications.

Notifications are managed at the user level. This means that anyone invited to your team, whether they are admins or editors, can customize their notification settings by logging into your account with their personal credentials.


How often will notifications be sent?

To avoid too many notifications, email notifications for new subscribers, new recommendations and purchases will be sent every hour. For example, if you make a sale at 4:15 pm and then two more sales at 4:33 pm and 4:45 pm, you will receive one notification for the three sales at 5 pm.

When will the account summary email be sent?

You’ll receive the weekly account summary email every Friday. If you choose to receive the account summary email on a monthly basis, you will receive your summary on the first of every month, for the previous month.

Will I get notified of subscribers who join via API?

Yes! If you’re using another tool to send subscribers to ConvertKit (e.g. Elementor, Sumo, etc), those subscribers will be included in your account notifications.

Will I receive notifications for subscriber imports?

No, you’ll only be notified of new subscribers who sign up via a landing page or form.

Someone has started recommending me on the Creator Network but I haven't received a notification. Is something wrong?

We will only send an email notification once someone starts recommending you AND once they send you a first subscriber.

I haven't received a notification for one of my new subscribers. What is going on?

You will be notified hourly of new subscribers, but only if those subscribers have confirmed their subscription within that time period. This is because we query our database for confirmed subscribers within the hour. If the subscriber confirms later, then we will fail to send a notification for them.

I have not been notified about a new purchase. What is the problem?

Currently, notifications will only send for purchases of Commerce standard, PWYW and tip jar products. If the purchase was related to a Commerce subscription or a non-Commerce product, then the notification will not be sent.

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