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How to migrate your newsletter archive to your ConvertKit Creator Profile
How to migrate your newsletter archive to your ConvertKit Creator Profile

Learn the steps for adding the newsletters you've published on another email platform to your ConvertKit Creator Profile.

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Recreate the newsletters you've published on another email platform on your Creator Profile

Does moving your email setup from another platform to ConvertKit mean losing your newsletter archive?

Not at all. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

The Creator Profile feature in ConvertKit provides the perfect one-stop hub for showing off your previous newsletters.

So, once you've set up your Creator Profile, you can recreate your newsletter archive on it by:

  • Recreating your previous newsletters in ConvertKit as new one-off emails, also known as Broadcasts.

  • Sending these Broadcasts to yourself (we don't need anyone else to receive a copy of them!).

  • Posting the Broadcasts to your public newsletter feed (because only Broadcasts that have been sent and posted to your feed can appear on the Creator Profile).

  • Finally, you'll change your Broadcasts' publish dates to match your newsletters' original publish dates.

What a neat trick, eh? ๐Ÿ‘€ Let's walk through the detailed steps for migrating your newsletter archive to your Creator Profile:

1. Set up your Creator Profile

If you haven't already done so, set up and customize your Creator Profile. You can find your Creator Profile by clicking the Grow tab in the navigation, followed by Creator Profile.

2. Add your email address to your ConvertKit subscriber list

Since you'll be sending your Broadcast to yourself, you'll need to add your email address to your ConvertKit subscriber list.

Click Subscribers under the Grow tab in the navigation to open the Subscribers page.

Click the Add Subscribers button, followed by the Add a single subscriber option, to add your email address as a new subscriber in ConvertKit.

More details on this process in our guide to adding a single subscriber in ConvertKit.

3. Create an email template for your newsletters

This email template will contain the design of the newsletters featured on your Creator Profile.

To create a new email template, go to Email Templates under the Send tab in the navigation. While creating your email template, you can recreate the look of your newsletters on your previous email platform, or come up with a completely new design!

Visit our guide to the visual email template editor to learn more about creating an email template in ConvertKit.

We also have a guide to recreating Mailchimp email templates in ConvertKit that you may find helpful (it broadly also applies to recreating email templates from other platforms!).

4. Recreate your newsletter as a Broadcast

Now, we'll start populating your Creator Profile with your newsletters.

Create a new Broadcast and set it up with the email template you've designed for your newsletters.

Fill out your Broadcast with the contents of a previously published newsletter.

When you're done, click the Continue โ†’ button to select your Broadcast recipients.

5. Send the Broadcast to yourself and post it to your public feed

On the Publish page for your Broadcast, set up the filters under the Who would you like to send this to? section to send the Broadcast to subscribers whose email address "is exactly" the email address of yours that you've saved as a subscriber earlier. Doing so will send the Broadcast to just yourself.

NOTE: If you set up your filters and get an error message that they need to include at least one subscriber, double-check that you've saved your email address as a subscriber in ConvertKit. Then, try setting up the filters again.

Keep the When would you like to send this? setting to Send now.

Next, enable the Post to my public feed option to display your Broadcast on your Creator Profile. (Enable the Paid Subscribers Only option that appears, too, if your newsletter is a paid post.)

Finally, click the Continue button to send your broadcast to yourself!

6. Change your Broadcast's publish date to the original publish date

Once you've sent your Broadcast, you can change its publish date to reflect your newsletter's original publish date.

Select your Broadcast from the Broadcasts page to open it, then click the Content option in the right sidebar.

Click the Edit broadcast button to update your Broadcast's publish date to your newsletter's original publish date.

Save your changes by clicking the Save broadcast button, then check your Creator Profile.

If everything has been done correctly, you'll see your Broadcast thereโ€”and with the publish date you've set up for it!

NOTE: We may take a few minutes to update your Broadcast's publish date, so check back later if your Broadcast's publish date still indicates the current date.

Repeat steps four to six above for all the newsletters you want to migrate to your Creator Profile. They'll automatically show up on your Creator Profile in chronological order as you go along. ๐Ÿ’ช

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