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Paid posts in ConvertKit
Paid posts in ConvertKit

Give your subscribers access to your exclusive content using paid posts!

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Every Broadcast you send can be made public.

That's right! Each Broadcast you send or have previously sent to your subscribers can be made public, allowing anyone to read them on your Creator Profile's public newsletter feed!

Think of it like a mini-blog for your newsletter content.

But what if you want to keep some content private for your paid subscribers? What if you want to tease the paid content you have to your audience? You can do that with our paid posts feature! πŸ’°

Let's quickly walk through how to set this up in ConvertKit.

1. Create your paid newsletter

First things first, make sure you've created a members-only newsletter in ConvertKit using our subscription option in ConvertKit Commerce.

ConvertKit Commerce is our feature for selling services and digital products. You'll need to use it to create your paid newsletter.

2. Set up your public newsletter feed

Next, set up your newsletter feed on your Creator Profile. To do this, go to the Grow tab in the navigation, followed by Creator Profile.

Here, you can customize your profile photo, name, bio, and more. These will all show up on your Creator Profile like this:

After you've customized your Creator Profile, link your paid newsletter product to it.

Click the Newsletter Posts option in the right sidebar of the Creator Profile builder, and then select your paid newsletter product from the Newsletter Product dropdown menu (note: this option will show up only if you have an active subscription product).

3. Share your paid content

Whether you're sending a new Broadcast or using a previously sent email, you can lock specific content for your paid subscribers.

For a new Broadcast you haven't sent yet, click the Publish tab at the top right of the Broadcast editor.

Select Publish to web to make your Broadcast available on your public newsletter feed. Then, enable the Only display for paying subscribers setting.

For a previously sent Broadcast, find your sent Broadcast from your Broadcasts dashboard and click its subject line to open its reports.

Scroll down the Overview report until you see the Visibility settings at the bottom right. Click the pencil icon for these settings, and then toggle the Only display for paying subscribers option.

4. Admire your work

Now that your newsletter content is available to only paid subscribers, here's what it will look like for non-paid subscribers in your Creator Profile's newsletter feed:

Paid subscribers will be able to log in using the email address associated with their paid subscription.

If non-paid subscribers want to gain access to any paid posts, they'll have to subscribe and pay for your paid newsletter. By doing so, they'll unlock all past paid posts and exclusive paid content you curate and send in the future.

That's it!

Curious how to earn an income with a paid newsletter? Check out this article! πŸ‘‡

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