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How to set up Tip Jar in ConvertKit
How to set up Tip Jar in ConvertKit

Receive tips without paying high commissions.

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Use a Tip Jar to collect tips from your fans!

With our Tip Jar feature, you can accept tips from fans who love your work.

While many creator platforms offer similar tip jar features, they often charge a high commission—possibly as high as 30% per tip. 😱

However, our Tip Jar commission fees are only a super low 3.5% + $0.30 per tip. This way, you get to keep the bulk of the moolah for yourself. 😎

Not only that: people who tip you will also be added to your email list, so you can build and nurture your audience on your own terms. Using Tip Jar, your fans can send you tips in either pre-set amounts of $5, $10, $20 or $50, or a custom amount of their choosing.

This feature is available to all ConvertKit users (yes, even if you’re on our free plan)!

Let’s go through how to set it up.

How to set up Tip Jar

1. Set up ConvertKit Commerce payments

You’ll need to have set up ConvertKit Commerce payments for your account before you can use Tip Jar.

Follow the steps here to set up payments if you haven’t already done so!

2. Create a new tip jar

Click the Earn tab in the navigation, followed by Tip Jars. You’ll see this screen:

Click either the Create a Tip Jar or the + New tip jar buttons to start creating your first tip jar.

First, give your tip jar a name:

After that, customize the custom domain and page URL for your tip jar. (Learn how to add and use new custom domains in ConvertKit here.)

Hit the Create Tip Jar button and voilà. Your tip jar has been created!

3. Customize your tip jar

After that, you’ll be redirected to the product builder. The next step is to customize the looks of your:

  • Tip jar form

  • Checkout page

  • Confirmation page

  • Receipt email

The procedure for customizing these is similar to customizing any other product you’re selling through ConvertKit Commerce. Check out our detailed guide on this procedure here.

4. Publish your tip jar

When you’re happy with your tip jar, click the Publish button at the top right of the product builder.

You’ll be able to grab either a unique share link or an embed code for your tip jar to start promoting your tip jar to the world.

Repeat steps 2 to 4 above to create as many tip jars as you need.

Where can you share your tip jar?

Here are some suggestions!

  • Embed your tip jar on your website or blog. You could put it in your website header or footer, where it’s accessible to all readers.

  • Link to your tip jar in your newsletter footer. To avoid the hassle of manually embedding your tip jar in every new email, add it to your email template.

  • Add it to your link page. If you have a webpage with a list of links to your website and socials, you can link to your tip jar here too! Read this guide to learn how if you’re using one of our link page templates.

  • Share it in an email sequence. Link to your tip jar in email sequences that you send to subscribers via visual automations, to publicize your tip jar to subscribers on auto-pilot.

Unpublishing your tip jar

Want to stop receiving tips through your tip jar? You can unpublish it.

Click on your tip jar on the Tip Jars page, followed by the Publish button.

There, you’ll see a button called Unpublish Tip Jar.

Click that button to prevent others from using this particular tip jar to give you tips. (If you have other tip jars set up, they will continue to be active as usual.)

When you’re ready to receive tips again, simply click the Publish button to reactivate your tip jar.

Key takeaways

  • Receive tips without paying high commission fees by creating a tip jar.

  • Customize your tip jar, then publicize it with its unique share link or embed code.

  • Unpublish your tip jar to stop receiving tips through it.

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