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ConvertKit Commerce: Creating a Product
ConvertKit Commerce: Creating a Product

How to create a digital product to sell directly via ConvertKit, plus FAQs about product creation.

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🌟 UPDATE: We are now collecting customers' first names and adding them to the first name field in your subscribers list. That means you'll be able to personalize your emails to customers!

Create digital products to sell via ConvertKit.

With ConvertKit Commerce, you can sell anything that can be delivered as a digital download, including courses and even premium newsletters!

This article will walk you though all the steps to set up a product in ConvertKit Commerce!

Let's get started.

1. Click the button to create a new product from the Products page in your account

If this is your first product and you haven't set up payments yet, you'll see the button here on the left:

If this is your first product and you have set up payments already, it'll look like the following:

If you've already created other product(s), regardless of whether you've set up payments also, the button will be located near the top left of the page and will look like the following:

After that, you'll be entered into the new product creation flow!

2. Fill out your product's details

You'll now be prompted to fill out several details about your product. (You can always change these later if needed.)

First, give your product a name. After that comes the pricing method selection, where you can select whether the cost of this product is a single fee, or a recurring charge. Finally, set this product's price — the minimum is $5 USD, and there is no upper limit.

Once these details are filled in, click the 'Next' button.

3. Select your product type

Under 'I'm selling:' is where you select your product type. For example, if you're selling a digital product, select 'A Digital Download', then upload the file in the space provided in the 'Product file' section:

NOTE: The file you upload here is what we will automatically deliver to the purchasers of this product!

If your product doesn't have a file associated with it, select 'A Newsletter' or 'Something else' instead- whichever is more applicable. In that case the 'Product file' section will be removed accordingly, and you can click 'Next' again to proceed.

4. Set your product's domain name

This will be the direct link to this product! If you have a custom domain name set up in your account, you'll be able to select that from the 'Custom Domain' dropdown; alternatively, you can use your account's domain. (Unsure about the difference? Check out our article here.)

NOTE: You can change your product's link later, but please note that once a link has been associated with a product, that same link will not be re-usable for future products (even if you change the original product's link first).

When you're done, click that 'Create Product' button!

You've just created your first product in ConvertKit. (Don't stop here though. There's more to come before you're ready to sell.)

4. Add an image, description, etc. for your product via the builder

After clicking the 'Create Product' button above, you'll be led to the builder page for that product, which will initially look something like this:

This might feel familiar to you! Most of our product builder's functionality is very similar to our landing page builder. Here's where you can design how your product will be presented to potential buyers, including uploading an image, inputting your sales copy, and adding a custom CTA.

5. Configure your product's checkout page

First, click 'Checkout' at the top left of the builder:

After that, you'll be shown a preview of what the checkout page will look like for your customers:

We'll auto-populate the necessities, such as the payment fields, but other than that, you can adjust the look & feel of this step to your liking.

6. Configure your product's confirmation page

First, click 'Confirmation' at the top left of the builder:

Then you'll be shown a preview of how the confirmation page will look, which is where someone will be taken after purchasing your product:

The amount paid, order date, and payment method sections are not editable, but you can modify the content above & below it.

NOTE: If you selected 'A Digital Download' in step 3, a download link will also be displayed to actual purchasers at this step.

7. Configure your product's receipt email

🌟 UPDATE: We are now collecting customers' first names and adding them to the first name field in your subscribers list. That means you'll be able to personalize your emails to customers!

First, click 'Receipt Email' at the top left of the builder:

Then you'll be shown a preview of how the receipt email sent to your purchasers' inboxes for this product will look:

You can modify the copy indicated by the arrow above (the lower section contains their purchase details, which aren't editable).

NOTE: The 'Download' button will only be displayed if you selected 'A Digital Download' in step 3.

8. Save your changes

When you're happy with all of the above, click the red 'Save' button located near the top right of the page — and that's it. Your product has been created, and is now ready to be sold! 🎉

Ready to promote it? Need to make an edit?

Please check out our FAQ section below for further guidance!


How do I embed my product on my website, or share a link to it directly?

Click 'Publish' from the top left of the builder (to the right of the 'Save' button):

From the modal that pops up, you can grab the direct link to your product:

Or, click 'Embed' to grab the code for adding this Buy my product button to your website:

How do I unpublish products?

To unpublish a product, click Publish > Unpublish Product (see screenshots above for reference).

Unpublishing a product essentially puts it into draft mode.

Unpublished products will no longer be available for new buyers to purchase, but you'll retain all of the product's historical data for your reference. Previous buyers will continue to have access to their purchased content.

You can choose to republish your product again in the future, or leave it unpublished indefinitely.

How do I offer my product at a discount?

This can be accomplished using discount code links. We have a dedicated tutorial on that process here!

How do I edit my product's details (name, price, etc.) after it's been created?

From the top left of the product builder, click Settings (to the left of the 'Save' button):

That'll bring up this settings modal, from which you can change any of the details you set during the product creation flow (use the tabs on the left to navigate through the other settings):

How do I test purchase my product?

You can make a test purchase two ways:

  1. Complete the purchase like usual, and then issue a refund. Note that there are still processing fees associated with a fully refunded purchase.

  2. Use a 100% discount! Create a discount code and use the link to ‘purchase’ your product for $0. You will still need to enter a credit card, but won’t be charged.

That's all, folks!

Don't forget to set up payments soon if you haven't done so already! This is a prerequisite for publishing your products, so you won't be able to start selling until you've done it! We have a separate tutorial on that for you below. 👇

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