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How to create an email signature
How to create an email signature

Set up an email sign-off that repeats for every email.

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When you're sending Broadcasts or setting up a Sequence, the last thing you want to do is remember to add a signature every time. The good news is, you don't have to!

Anything you add to an email template will repeat for every email you create with it. This is a great place to add your signature.

Just follow these steps to set it up!

NOTE: The instructions below apply to only starting point and classic email templates. To add an email signature to an HTML email template, you'll need to do so using the HTML editor.

You can find out whether your email template uses a starting point, classic, or HTML template by going to the Email Templates page and checking its type under its name.

Create or choose your email template

Go to the Email Templates page and select your email template.

Click the part of the template where your signature should go and add your signature there.

In this example, we've added a simple text sign-off but you can add social media icons, an image of yourself, or whatever else you like.

Just click the "+" icon that appears on the left (or type "/" on your keyboard) to display the content block menu, and add the appropriate content blocks.

Adding a profile picture

Near your signature, click the "+" content block menu (or type "/" on your keyboard) and select Image.

After selecting your image, you can change its size by clicking it and changing its Width value in the right sidebar.

As an added bonus, if your image is square-shaped, you can use the Corner radius setting to turn it into a circle!

Don't forget to save your changes to your email template when you're done!

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