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ConvertKit Commerce: Setting up Payments
ConvertKit Commerce: Setting up Payments

How to connect your ConvertKit account with Stripe so that you can start receiving payments for your digital product sales.

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All you need to know to start getting paid for your ConvertKit Commerce sales.

Because nothing compares to that first-sale feeling!

ConvertKit Commerce is powered under-the-hood by Stripe, a world leader in payment processing & fraud detection β€” but everything you need to get set up is seamlessly integrated into your ConvertKit account.

Please note that setting up payments is required before you'll be able to publish your products. Any products you create will be in draft mode until Stripe is connected and this commerce setup is complete.

Set up payments

1. Click the 'Setup Payments' button from the Products page in your account

If you don't have any products yet, you'll see the button here on the right:

If you've already set up a product, the button will be located in this blue bar across the top of the page:

The next steps will be the same either way.

2. Indicate whether you are an individual or a company

This is for taxation purposes.

3. Fill out the requested details as prompted on the following screens

The first form will look like this:

All of your data is protected by Stripe's secure processing. Once you're done providing all the necessary information, click 'Next', and you'll be prompted for additional information on a few more screens. (Don't worry, you only need to do this once.)

At the end, click 'Done' and you'll be returned to the Products page in your ConvertKit account:

That's it β€” you're ready to get paid! πŸŽ‰

Now you just need a product to sell. If you haven't yet, check out our tutorial below on creating products in ConvertKit! πŸ‘‡

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