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How to embed Spotify links into emails and landing pages
How to embed Spotify links into emails and landing pages

Quickly and easily engage your fans by embedding your Spotify link into a broadcast or sequence email, or into a landing page!

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As a musician, you need a way to share your music with your fans.

Now it's possible, directly within ConvertKit.

Using ConvertKit’s email editor or Landing Pages, you can connect with your fans using rich embeds of the music you want to share, without them ever having to visit another page.

Share your work, and keep them engaged. Let's dive in!

How it works 🎧

First, let's start with email.

Start a new Broadcast or Sequence email, then add whatever email copy you’d like.

Maybe you’re catching up your readers on your latest work, letting them know about a new music project, or sharing an upcoming event date.

Now comes the fun part.

When you’re ready, grab your Spotify share link and add it to your email.

NOTE: At this time, the embed feature works for only tracks, artists, playlists, and albums—not podcast episodes.

In Spotify, click the Share option for what you want to share, then click Copy Link.

Then, paste the link directly into the body of your email.

By pasting the link into your email, it will automatically convert to a rich embedded link. Your fans will be able to listen to whatever you share with them right here, in your email.

How cool is that?

Let's try a Landing Page 🎶

Once you've selected your Landing Page template, go grab the link to the song or the playlist that you'd like to share. (Same step as before!)

You can then simply paste the Spotify link into your Landing Page to create a neat Spotify embed.

That’s it! It really is that simple.

Now you’re ready to share your music with all the fans on your list!

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