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How to Add Countdown Timers
How to Add Countdown Timers

How to add a dynamic countdown timer to your ConvertKit broadcast, sequence email, form, and/or landing page.

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Add urgency to your offer with a dynamic, customizable countdown timer.

You can now add countdown timers directly via ConvertKit โ€” no integrations required!

You can indicate the end date & time for your promotion, and when that end-time is reached, the timer will be automatically overlaid with a message of your choosing to indicate that it has expired.

Here's how to set up and customize your own countdown timer!

1. Select 'Countdown Timer' from the content block menu

Countdown timers are available from the content block menu for broadcasts, sequence emails, forms, and landing pages:

NOTE: It may take a moment for the countdown to load on-screen after selecting it.

Once the timer has been added, we can configure its settings and appearance in the next steps.

2. Set the end time

Once the time has been added, click directly on it to reveal its edit modal:

From the End date field in the top left, select the date & time to which you want it to be counting down:

NOTE: The timezone for the countdown timer is synced to the time zone set for your account on this settings page.

3. Customize the colors & styling

On the right side of the countdown edit modal, you can select your preferred timer style from the dropdown, as well as customize its background & foreground colors:

Below are previews of what those style options look like.




4. Add a message for when the countdown expires

Last but not least, indicate what you'd like your timer to say when the countdown expires in this field:

This message is limited to 60 characters, and will be overlaid on top of the timer when it reaches zero:

That's all there is to it!

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