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How to send your Typeform subscribers to ConvertKit
How to send your Typeform subscribers to ConvertKit

Learn how to integrate Typeform with ConvertKit using Zapier, then add your Typeform subscribers to a ConvertKit Form.

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Automatically add your Typeform subscribers to ConvertKit

While Typeform doesn't support a direct integration for sending Typeform subscribers to ConvertKit, you can still do so using an automation platform like Zapier or Make!

In this guide, we'll show you how to use Zapier to send your Typeform subscribers to ConvertKit.

NOTE: You'll need a paid ConvertKit plan to set this up as it uses the ConvertKit API, which is a paid feature.

1. Start a new Zap that triggers when you receive a new Typeform entry

Log into Zapier and start a new automated workflow (called "Zap").

Set up Typeform as your trigger app—in other words, the app that causes the Zap to start running.

Select "New Entry" as the trigger event.

Click Continue, followed by the Sign in button to connect your Typeform account to the Zap.

In the Trigger settings, select the typeform whose subscribers you want to send to ConvertKit, then click Continue.

Test your trigger to see if Zapier can identify your typeform's subscribers.

If Zapier manages to do so, select one subscriber for testing purposes and move on to the next step. We'd recommend selecting a test subscriber (such as yourself) here—you'll see why in a bit!

2. Set up a Zap action to add new Typeform entries to ConvertKit

So far, we've set up your Zap to activate when someone subscribes to your typeform. Let's send this subscriber to ConvertKit next!

Add a Zap action step with ConvertKit as the action app. As for the action event, select either:

  • Add Subscriber to Form, or

  • Add Tag to Subscriber.

Both options will help add your subscriber to your ConvertKit account. The only difference is whether you'll use a Form or Tag to keep track of the subscriber after that.

If you don't have a preference, we'd recommend choosing Add Subscriber to Form as it might be more intuitive to add subscribers of a typeform to a matching ConvertKit Form.

Click Continue, followed by the Sign in button to connect your ConvertKit account to the Zap.

Copy your ConvertKit API Secret from your account's Advanced Settings when you're asked for it.

3. Map your ConvertKit Form or Tag and Typeform subscriber data to the Zap action

At the Form field of your Zap action's Action settings, select the ConvertKit Form to which new Typeform subscribers should be added.

(If you're sending Typeform subscribers to a ConvertKit Tag, select the relevant Tag instead.)

Create this Form or Tag first if it doesn't already exist. For ease of reference, it might be helpful to give this Form or Tag the same name as the typeform from which you're sending subscribers.

Unless you intend to display your Form anywhere, you don't need to spend time designing it. However, you'll need to disable your Form's incentive email so subscribers don't get an email asking them to confirm their subscription.

NOTE: If you can't find your new Form in the Zap action's Form field, click the Refresh Fields button at the bottom of the Zap action to send your latest ConvertKit account data to Zapier. Then try finding your Form again. (Likewise if you can't find your new Tag.)

Next, map your Typeform subscribers' email address data to the Email field.

Map any other Typeform subscriber data you want to send to ConvertKit as subscriber custom field data, such as first names.

The Optin to Sequence field covers legacy Forms that have Sequences attached to them. Unless you're adding subscribers to such a Form, you can leave this field blank.

Click Continue, then test your Zap action to check whether it has added your test Typeform subscriber to your ConvertKit account—and, specifically, to the Form or Tag you've set up for your Zap.

You can view the Forms and Tags to which a subscriber has been added by visiting their Subscriber Profile.

NOTE: Adding subscribers to a Form or Tag will trigger any Visual Automations that have this Form or Tag as an entry point—including sending subscribers the Sequence emails you've set up in the Visual Automation. Using a test subscriber to test your Zap will help prevent your subscribers from getting unintended emails from you.

If your Zap is working as it should, click Publish to turn it on. You're done!

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