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The Incentive Email
The Incentive Email

Also known as the confirmation email, this is the first email new subscribers to your list will receive. Here's how to set it up!

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As the first touch with your subscribers, your incentive email can be a powerful first impression.

It's easy to dismiss your incentive email (otherwise known as the confirmation email and/or auto responder) as "just" the double opt-in; however, this email is part of what sets the tone for your list!

Here's how to set it up.

Incentive email settings

Start by navigating to your form or landing page (or create a new one here).

To access your incentive email settings, first click 'Settings' in the toolbar across the top of the form/landing page:

The incentive email settings will be located under 'Incentive':

The above configuration has the double opt-in turned on, which we strongly recommend. Find out why here.

Now let's walk through the settings.

Send incentive email

This enables the incentive email. It's optional — if you'd prefer to not have an incentive email associated with your form or landing page, simply uncheck this box.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Disabling the incentive email will also disable double opt-in.

Auto-confirm new subscribers

This checkbox determines whether your subscribers will be required to click the link in the incentive email in order to become confirmed on your list. To enable double opt-in (highly recommended), you'll want to leave this unchecked.

If you want your subscribers to be automatically confirmed on your list whether or not they click the button in the incentive email, then you can check this box.

NOTE: For more information on unconfirmed subscribers, please read our guide here.

After confirming redirect to

This is what determines what happens after the subscriber clicks the button in your incentive email. You can either upload a file for them to download (such as a freebie/lead magnet), or you can send them to a URL of your choosing (such as a thank you page):

NOTE: By default, your incentive email will redirect to our default confirmation page: — You are welcome to use this page (please note it cannot be edited), or you can replace the default confirmation page URL with a URL of your own!

Editing the incentive email

The default incentive email content will look something like the following in your subscribers' inboxes:

NOTE: Your incentive email will use your account's default email template, so its appearance may vary accordingly.

It's functional, but you'll probably want to personalize it a bit more! Luckily, that's easy to do. Just click the 'Edit Email Contents' button from the incentive email settings modal:

This will open up the incentive email editor, which is the same email editor as the one for broadcasts and sequences! From here, you can modify the sending address, subject line, and email contents:

To brush up on our email editor functionality, please check out our dedicated tutorial here.

NOTE: Personalization code will not work in the subject line of the incentive email, but it will work in the body!

Once you're done editing your incentive email, click 'Save' at the bottom. (And if you made other changes to your form or landing page, make sure you save those changes as well via the save button near the top right of the builder.)

☝️ Pro-tip: Keep it simple

Don’t forget: simple emails tend to perform better. Feel free to personalize your incentive email to match your brand; however, we recommend not going overboard with additional content and styling.

Ultimately, you don’t want to distract your subscribers from clicking that confirmation button!

Ready to test your incentive email?

Testing out your own forms & landing pages is a great idea so you can review the experience your new subscribers will have! We have a tip here on how to use email aliases for this, which helps make the testing process much more convenient.


Why isn't my incentive email sending?

Please check out our troubleshooting guide here.

Why is my incentive email going to spam?

Please check out the guide our deliverability lead wrote on this topic here.

My incentive email link/download isn't working.

For troubleshooting incentive email links, please view our guide here. For troubleshooting incentive email downloads, please view our guide here.

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