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The Subscriber Profile Page & Status
The Subscriber Profile Page & Status

This guide covers everything you need to know about how subscribers appear in your account, as well as what content they receive.

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The subscriber profile is where you'll find detailed information about any of the individual subscribers on your list.

To access a subscriber's profile, first search for their email address from the search bar on the subscribers page:

Simply click on the subscriber from the list of results to be taken to their personal profile.

The Sidebar Navigation

From the sidebar in any subscriber profile, you'll find tags:

You'll also see segments they belong to:

Finally, you'll see that you have the option to delete or unsubscribe a single subscriber here:

The Navigational Tabs

Clicking through each of these tabs will show you any subscriber's email history:

Which automations or sequences they are currently in, as well as any they've completed or been removed from:

(Additionally, you can click on the automation or sequence title to be taken directly to that automation or sequence.)

You can also view every form the subscriber has opted into:

☝️ If the status for a form or landing page is 'Inactive', it means it has double opt-in enabled and the subscriber hasn't confirmed their subscription to it yet.

For forms, landing pages, and sequences, you can remove a subscriber from each by clicking the trashcan icon to the right. Easy!

You can also view each purchase they've made from you:

Additionally, this tab is also where you can perform refunds for ConvertKit Commerce products.

Subscriber types

In this section, we'll cover each type of subscriber in your account. Since ConvertKit plan prices are based on the number of subscribers on your list, we'll also clarify which subscriber types count toward your list total for billing purposes.

How to view subscribers with each status

You can easily pull a list of subscribers with each status via the dropdown menu at the top of the subscribers page (below the subscriber graph).

Selecting a status from here will return a list of all of the subscribers on your list with that status:

NOTE: By default, the subscriber list shows your confirmed subscribers only. The 'All Subscribers' dropdown option will return a list of every subscriber on your list regardless of status (this includes unsubscribers with the 'Cancelled' status). The subscriber list is always sorted by original subscription date; it can't be re-sorted at this time.

Now let's cover what each of those statuses mean!


These are subscribers who confirmed their subscription via the incentive email if double opt-in was enabled, or were automatically confirmed upon signup if double opt-in was disabled.

Subscribers with the 'Confirmed' status are the only ones that count towards your billing total. These are also the only subscribers you can contact via ConvertKit. Cold subscribers (more info below) are also included in this total.

For the most up-to-date number of subscribers that you are currently being billed for, filter your list by the 'Confirmed' status and note the total at the bottom of the page:


If a subscriber has the status of 'Unconfirmed', it means they signed up to a form or landing page that had double opt-in enabled but never confirmed their subscription. Subscriptions are confirmed via clicking the button in the incentive email.

Unconfirmed subscribers do not count towards your billing total. You cannot contact subscribers with the 'Unconfirmed' status via ConvertKit.

NOTE: It is not possible to resend incentive emails to unconfirmed subscribers. For more information on this, please check out this article.


Cancelled subscribers are those who have unsubscribed from your list. Cancelled subscribers do not count towards your billing total, but their profiles remain inside your account with this status for your own records (as well as to retain the history for any emails they received while subscribed).

You cannot contact subscribers with the 'Cancelled' status via ConvertKit, but they can always re-subscribe to get back on your list in the future!

☝️NOTE: You can block a subscriber from your list if needed. To block a subscriber, check out this guide. You also have the ability to manually unsubscribe or delete specific subscribers. That guide is here.


If a subscriber is marked as 'Complained', it means they reported your email as spam. When this happens, we automatically unsubscribe them from your list and give them the 'Complained' status.

Complained subscribers do not count towards your billing total. You also cannot contact subscribers with the 'Complained' status via ConvertKit. To learn more about complained subscribers, please check out our dedicated guide here.

NOTE: Sometimes, a subscriber might mark your email as spam by mistake. Our support team can help re-activate a subscriber who complained by accident if you have the subscriber's permission to do so.


If a subscriber has the 'Bounced' status, it means there was a hard bounce on an email we attempted to send to them. Hard bounces indicate permanent issues, such as the email address not existing, and so subscribers with this type of bounce receive the 'Bounced' status on your list and are unsubscribed.

Subscribers with the 'Bounced' status (i.e. hard bounces) do not count towards your billing total, and cannot be contacted via ConvertKit. Subscribers with soft bounces on individual emails do still count towards your billing total, assuming that their overall status on your list is still 'Confirmed'.

NOTE: Soft bounces do not result in the 'Bounced' subscriber status because they are indicative of temporary issues, like an inbox being full. Subscribers who experience soft bounces will remain confirmed on your list, and the soft bounce will be indicated by that individual email's status.

For more details on bounced subscribers, please check out our guide here.

Cold Subscribers

Cold isn't a status that will be displayed on the subscriber profile sidebar like the other examples, because cold subscribers are still technically confirmed (and therefore they do count towards your billing total). Cold subscribers are a subset of your confirmed subscribers that we detected haven't been engaging with your content.

We define a cold subscriber as follows:

  • For subscribers who have been active for more than 90 days, anyone who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in the last 90 days.

  • For subscribers who have been active for fewer than 90 days, anyone who hasn't opened or clicked an email in the last 30 days.

For example: if someone signs up, confirms, and never engages with a single email (opens or clicks) in the first 30 days after being confirmed, they will be classified as a cold subscriber. If they do engage with even just one email, the minimum requirement of being listed as a cold subscriber now bumps up to 90 days since the last engagement.

(The criteria for cold subscribers cannot be modified at this time.)

Just like the other subscriber statuses, you can select 'Cold' from the dropdown at the top of the subscribers list to filter for subscribers with that status. This filter is also available when creating segments:

We have a dedicated tutorial on our recommended method for attempting to re-engage cold subscribers here.

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