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How to Include a Web Link to Your Broadcasts
How to Include a Web Link to Your Broadcasts

How to share a link to the content of your broadcast emails on the web, and/or include a 'View in browser' link in your email.

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Did you know that you can share a link to any of your broadcasts on the web?

This is a great way to encourage your subscribers to easily share your content further!

You can grab a link to any of your broadcasts that have already been sent, and you can also include a web link within the broadcast itself (for example, to include a 'View in browser' link)—we'll cover both methods.

Linking to previously-sent broadcasts

If your broadcast has already been sent, simply click into it from the broadcasts page in your account, and then click the 'Share' button from the right sidebar:

That will open the web archive page for that broadcast in a new tab. You are free to copy & share the URL of that tab!

Including a web link within a broadcast

To include a web link within your broadcast, simply add the {{ archive_url }} shortcode to any text as a link. Add it where you would normally add the link URL, as follows:

Once the broadcast is sent, it will link to the public archive page for that broadcast!

NOTE: This only works after sending, since that is when the public page is created. For this reason, the archive link will not work in preview emails, since the broadcast hasn't actually been sent yet.

❗ IMPORTANT: {{ archive_url }} doesn't work if you have the Public Feed option enabled, since that changes the share link of the broadcast.

What about sequences?

Sequences don't have a built-in archive feature, so the {{ archive_url }} shortcode won't work within sequence emails.

But with a quick workaround, you can leverage the broadcast archive function for sequence content, too.

Simply copy the content of the sequence email into a broadcast, send that broadcast to just yourself, and then share the link to that broadcast. The end result is the same: a direct web link to your sequence email's content!

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