What is a ck.page domain?

When you sign up to ConvertKit, we automatically give you a ck.page domain. 

This domain is used to host your landing pages and forms, and you can customize it by clicking your account name at the top right of the navigation, followed by Settings > Domains.

If you want to use your own domain for your landing page (i.e. a domain that doesn't end with ".ck.page"), you can do that too.

What can I change my ck.page domain to?

You can change you ck.page domain to any valid domain as long as no one else has taken it.

Note that non-Latin characters will be coerced to Latin characters (for example, “é” will become “e”), and you may not use punctuation marks, including “.”

What happens to my landing page if I change my ck.page domain?

If you change your ck.page domain, we will automatically issue new URLs for your landing page, so they’re always up to date.

No need to worry about broken links! Your old URLs will continue to work as well.

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