Your public newsletter feed is like a mini-blog for your newsletter content.

With newsletter feeds, you can easily share your newsletter content with others and provide them with an easy way to sign up to your list!

Every broadcast you send or have previously sent to your subscribers can be made public, and you can also limit access to paid subscribers using paid posts!

This is great if you're looking for a simple way to share your newsletter with potential subscribers who want to preview your content before they sign up.

In this article, we’ll walk through how your newsletter feed works.

1. Set up your public newsletter feed

Let’s start by customizing your newsletter feed profile. To do this, visit this link:

Here you can customize your avatar, name, bio, and custom domain:

You can also choose a newsletter product if you have a paid newsletter. More on that here.

Soon your newsletter feed will look something like this:

2. Add posts to your newsletter feed

Here’s how to make your content public:

For a new broadcast that hasn't been sent yet

Click the 'Share' tab from the top right of the broadcast editor.

Near the bottom of the page, toggle the option that says' 'Post to my public feed'.

Once you've toggled this on, you'll be able to add a thumbnail and choose the alt text to be displayed publicly:

Once you've sent the broadcast, it will automatically display on your newsletter feed!

For a previously sent broadcast

Find your sent broadcast from your broadcast dashboard and click on the subject line to open it.

On the right hand side, toggle the button near the bottom that says 'Enabled on public feeds' so that it turns green.

From here, you can add a thumbnail and choose the alt text to be displayed publicly.

3. Share your newsletter feed

Now that you’ve added content to your newsletter feed, here’s what it will look like for your audience:

By default, your newsletter feed will be (e.g. To get new subscribers, try sharing this link on social media, in your emails, or even in your email signature!

From your newsletter feed, visitors will be able to subscribe and share your content to their followers:

There you have it. So many opportunities to grow your list!

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