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How to add an ad to your email
How to add an ad to your email

Learn how to add ads to your ConvertKit emails, and preview them before sending your email.

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ConvertKit Ads is a closed beta feature and only users who receive an invite can join the beta. Join the waitlist here.

Earn some revenue by adding ads to your emails!

Here's how you can do so for both Broadcast and Sequence emails.

1. Set up and enable ConvertKit Ads

If you haven't set up—and enabled—ConvertKit Ads, you'll need to do this first.

We may take up to 48 business hours to approve your account for running ads.

2. Add an Ad Slot

After your account has been approved for running ads, open the email draft in which you want to add an ad.

Hover your cursor over the left side of the part of the email where you want to add an ad. Click the + icon that appears to display the content block menu, then select Ad.

An Ad Slot will be added to your email.

Repeat this step to add more ads to your email. Each email can contain up to three Ad Slots.

If you insert only one ad, the slot will be filled with a main ad. A main ad usually contains text and a picture, and generate more revenue. If you insert more than one ad:

  • The first ad in the email will be the "top ad": this is usually a display only ad in a banner format;

  • The second ad in the email will be the main ad;

  • The third ad in the email will be the "bottom ad": this is usually a display only ad in a banner format.

Although including more ads means more revenue opportunity, it's best to match the number of ads to your email's length. For example, shorter emails (i.e., emails with fewer than 200 words) should contain only one Ad Slot to maintain content balance.

3. Preview the ad

Each Ad Slot will appear as an empty ad placeholder in your email.

When you send your email, we'll automatically display a programmatic ad(s) where you've inserted the Ad Slot(s).

NOTE: If you're using ConvertKit Sponsorships (previously known as the Sponsor Network) and have sponsored content planned for your email, we'll replace the Ad Slot with your sponsored content instead of showing a programmatic ad there.

Can't preview your ad?

ConvertKit Ads is currently only served to U.S. based subscribers. If you are not based in the U.S., you will not see an ad in your email even if you've added an ad slot.

Can't find the Ad Slot?

If you can't find the Ad Slot option in the content block menu, this could be because:

  • You haven't set up your account for ConvertKit Ads. Follow the steps here to do so.

  • You've set up your account for ConvertKit Ads, but we haven't approved your account yet. We may take up to 48 business hours to approve your account after you've set it up. If it's taking longer than that, reach out to our support team for help.

What if you disable ads?

NOTE: If you don't want ads to appear in an email, simply do not add Ad Slots to it. Even if you've enabled ConvertKit Ads, no ads will be displayed if there are no Ad Slots in your emails.

  • Any Ad Slots in emails you've already sent will have already been replaced with ads, so your subscribers will still see these ads.

  • Any Ad Slots you've added to your Broadcast or Sequence drafts will still remain in them. But your subscribers won't see any ads when they receive these emails. This is even if you subsequently re-enable ads after the emails have gone out.

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