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How to Add a Team Member to Your ConvertKit Account
How to Add a Team Member to Your ConvertKit Account

How to add your team members to your ConvertKit account.

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If you manage a team or have a virtual assistant helping you, adding team members to your ConvertKit account is a must.

Let's walk through how you can set this up quickly and easily!

โ˜๏ธ NOTE: Adding a single team member is available for paid plan users (Creator or Creator Pro plans). To add more than one team member, you will need to be on the Creator Pro plan).

Team members can have one of two roles:

Admin - Has access to the entire account, just like the owner (the owner is also categorized as an Admin).

Editors - Have the ability to edit content. An Editor cannot change the settings of the account (to the exception of their own login details and notification settings), but will be able to do everything else within the account.

After logging in, admins will be able to see their status in the top left corner, like this:

NOTE: If you've given a team member Editor status, they won't see a badge.

How to set up your team members in your account

Setting up your team in your ConvertKit account is quick and easy.

1. Go to your Account Settings page from the top right corner of your account

2. From the left hand menu, click Team. This is where you can see current team members and add new members.

3. Click Invite a team member and fill out their information.

Note: Until recently, inviting an existing account email to be a Team Member on your account didn't work. The invite link would get redirected to the existing account and fail. However, this has been fixed and you can now invite any email address to be your team member!

Once the invitation is sent they will show as Pending until they accept. Once they accept your invitation, you can see that they are confirmed on the same page.

How do I change or remove a team member?

To change a member's role or remove them from your team, click on their profile from the Team page.

A pop-up box will appear allowing you to change their role or remove them completely from your account:


Having issues with building your team?

You may have seen a 500 error when adding in your team members to your ConvertKit Account. This has an easy fix!

The 500 error happens when there's no owner assigned the account. Go in to Account Settings โ†’ Team and add an Owner (or change a current member to Owner).

Need to change the account owner?

If you need to change the account owner, simply go to your Login Details and update the email address (this will change the login email as well).

How do I accept an invitation?

If you've been invited as a team member, go to your inbox and find the email that was sent to you. From that email, click Join the team.

You'll be taken to a sign-in page that will allow you to create a password.

Click Join Account.

Now you and your team are ready to get to work!

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