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How to test your migrated Mailchimp setup in ConvertKit
How to test your migrated Mailchimp setup in ConvertKit

Test your ConvertKit Forms, Landing Pages, Sequences, and Visual Automations after migrating your email setup from Mailchimp.

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Prepare for take-off 🚀

You’ve done the hard work of recreating your Mailchimp forms, landing pages, customer journeys, and so on in ConvertKit. But before you declare things done, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve moved everything over correctly!

This guide will walk you through testing these components of your migrated Mailchimp setup:

As far as possible, the key is to test as if you were a person in your audience going through your email setup. So, let’s get into it.

Preview your ConvertKit Forms and Landing Pages

After recreating a Mailchimp form or Landing Page in ConvertKit, click the Preview option at the top of the Form or Landing Page builder (as relevant) to preview your recreated Form or Landing Page:

You should also view the live versions of your Forms and Landing Pages (as these are what people will actually see).

For example, if you’ve embedded your Form on a webpage, then check out how your embedded Form looks on the page.

As for Landing Pages, navigate to their URLs to view the live versions of your Landing Pages.

Preview your ConvertKit Sequence emails

When you’ve recreated your Mailchimp campaigns as Sequence emails in ConvertKit, you can preview your Sequence emails by clicking the Preview email option in the Sequence editor.

While previewing your email, you can also click Send test email to send a test Sequence email to an email address of your choice.

Preview each email in your Sequence and make any edits as needed. And when your Sequence emails are good to go, don’t forget to publish them! You can do so by toggling the Published option for each email on the left of the Sequence editor.

Test your ConvertKit Visual Automations

To test the Mailchimp customer journeys or classic automations you’ve recreated as ConvertKit Visual Automations, ensure that you have toggled your Visual Automations to Active first. Otherwise, they will not work.

Once you’ve confirmed that your Visual Automation is live, test it by entering one of its entry point(s). After that, check that you are sent through the flow stated in the Visual Automation.

For example, let’s say your Visual Automation has this flow:

  1. Entry point: “Photography Pros” Form

  2. Action: Add the “Newsletter” Tag to the subscriber

  3. Action: Add subscriber to the “Newsletter Sequence” Sequence

To test whether this Visual Automation has been set up correctly, use your email address to subscribe to the live version of your “Photography Pros” Form.

After doing so, check that a new subscriber with your email address has been added to your ConvertKit account and tagged with the “Newsletter” Tag in the subscriber profile page.

You should also start receiving the emails in your “Newsletter Sequence” Sequence to your email address.

If something isn’t working as it should, do some troubleshooting to find out what’s going on. Common issues include:

  • Making a typo in Form and Landing Page URLs and embed codes

  • Not publishing your Sequence emails

  • Not toggling your Visual Automations to Active

Our migrations team is also happy to help if you run into issues. Just contact them here and they’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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