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How to use Link Triggers
How to use Link Triggers

How to automatically trigger all kinds of actions when a subscriber clicks a link in an email.

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What is a Link Trigger?

A Link Trigger is more than just a link: it's a link that's also set up to automatically trigger a particular action, determined by you, as soon as a subscriber clicks on it.

You can use Link Triggers to instantly add Tags, add subscribers to Sequences, and much more — all with a mere click!

This allows you to easily and automatically collect extra insights about your subscribers' interests and actions (and did we mention it's automatic!?).

How to create a Link Trigger

1. Navigate to the Rules page in your account (Automate > Rules)

Next, click the red '+ New Rule' button on the right sidebar:

Under 'Name', give your Link Trigger a name you'll recognize. This is optional, but strongly recommended (you'll understand why later in this tutorial).

You also need to provide the URL your subscribers will be sent to once they click the link. This is mandatory — your Link Trigger cannot just be a 'click' with no destination page; your subscribers do need to actually be sent somewhere.

NOTE: If you'd like, you can use our default 'Preferences confirmed' page URL here!

Here's where you configure what you want your Link Trigger to do. Add a Tag? Trigger a Sequence? Something else?

Simply select your desired action under 'Actions' on the right, and fill out any additional information requested.

5. Click 'Save Rule'

Once your Link Trigger has a name, URL, and action configured, click the red 'Save Rule' button:

6. Proceed to the next section of this tutorial

✋ Don't go anywhere! You're not done just yet your Link Trigger now exists, but it still needs to be added to your email(s) in order to work, which is what we'll go over next.

How to add a Link Trigger to an email

🚨This is important! 🚨

Link Triggers have to be added to emails in a specific way in order to work correctly. Here are those steps:

You can do this from a Sequence, Broadcast, or even a content snippet!

In other words, add your call to action for the link — for instance, 'Click here!'

Highlight the text you want to link, then click this button:

But don't add a URL in the box that pops up! Instead, click the 'Link Triggers' button, which looks like this:

4. Select your Link Trigger from the dropdown, then click 'Apply'

This is why we recommend naming your Link Triggers — it makes it much easier to identify them from this dropdown (especially if some of them share the same destination URL!).

All you have to do is click your Link Trigger from the dropdown — the destination URL you set up earlier will be populated automatically. (If your Link Trigger is set up to add a Tag, you will notice it also toggles the 'Tag-with-lightning-bolt' icon.)

Then click 'Apply', and that's it! 🎉

NOTE: You'll notice that it's also possible to set up a link to add a Tag—thereby creating a Link Trigger—from directly within the email editor.

This is also fine to do; however, doing it that way doesn't allow you give your Link Trigger a name (unless you do so manually afterwards).

As a result, creating your Link Triggers from the Rules page beforehand tends to help keep things more organized overall!


Yes. Link Triggers are not identified by their URL, but rather the ID that gets associated with them when they are added to an email via the method outlined in this tutorial.

As a result, it's totally fine to have multiple Link Triggers that trigger different actions, but share the same destination URL!

No, it's not too late!

Link Triggers are the easiest and most convenient way to accomplish this, but you can still do it retroactively if need be. It just takes a few extra steps, and for that we have a separate tutorial here.

Don't panic! We have a guide on troubleshooting the most common Link Trigger issues here.

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