Personalizing Emails With The Subscribers Name And Email Address

Since ConvertKit forms collect both a first name and an email address from each subscriber you can use those to personalize the message to each person!

Here's how to set this up in your account

Use these tags to autofill in the first name and email address:

  • {{ subscriber.first_name }}
  • {{ subscriber.email_address }}

These work in sequence emails and broadcasts only ( not incentive emails) —in both the subjects and body of the message. The most common usage is to write something like:

Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }},

...the rest of your message.

Which would be rendered in the email as:

Hey Nathan,

...the rest of your message.

If statements

If you don't have first names for all your subscribers you can add a simple if statement to account for that.

{% if subscriber.first_name != blank %} Hello {{ subscriber.first_name }}, {% else %} Hello, {% endif %}

Subscriber Name With Fallback

When choosing Personalization options in the composer, you'll see a "Subscriber Name With Fallback" option. This simply means that there's an alternate greeting offered if the First Name field isn't offered.

Here's how it translates:

{% if subscriber.first_name != blank %} =  Let's start by saying that we'll have different rules if the First Name field is blank
Hello {{ subscriber.first_name }}, =  Hello Insert Subscriber's First Name when that field is completed
{% else %} =  If the first name field isn't there, only write what's below
Hello, =  Hello, (this can be changed to any other greeting)
{% endif %} =  The end of this rule

Anything  not in { } can be changed (so you could say Hi instead of Hello, etc.) but the text inside of the { } should never be touched. If it's inside those {brackets}, it is a piece of code for the system to read and it won't show up in the final email to your subscribers. (If you don't use this "with fallback" version and the First Name field is not completed, you run the risk of having an extra space in the greeting like this: Hello  ,) 

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