Content Snippets are here! 🎉

You can now create reusable Content Snippets to use in your emails!

You can access this feature from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of your account:

From the Content Snippets page, click the ‘New Content Snippet’ button:

In the new Snippet modal, you can give your Snippet a title (something you’ll recognize, as this is for your own reference), and add its content. 

Hover over the left of the content text box and click the plus sign there to reveal the other types of content blocks you can add to your Snippets. These include images, personalization, and more!

Here’s how it looks:

When your Snippet is ready, click ‘Save’. Now you’re ready to add your Snippet to any of your emails, using the plus sign menu in our new email editor.

Here’s how it looks to add a Content Snippet to a new Broadcast:

But wait… that doesn’t look like my Snippet.

Your Snippet will be added as a tag {{ in curly braces }}. In the editor it will display as the tag rather than the actual content of the Snippet.

If you preview your email using the Browser or Email preview options, you’ll see your Snippet in all its glory!

Why is this awesome?

Adding the Snippet this way means it can be dynamic content that you can edit at any time via the Content Snippet editor.

Any edits to the Content Snippet itself will automatically be reflected wherever that Snippet has been used in your emails.

This is particularly powerful for automated Sequences. If your Snippets are included in several different Sequence emails, you are now able to edit or update that content all at once.

NOTE: An email cannot be further modified once it is already in a Subscriber’s inbox. Any Snippet updates will only be reflected in emails that are sent out after the changes have been made.

Use case ideas

Here are some ideas for how you can put this powerful feature to use:

Including a call-to-action for your current offering (course, product, etc.)

Encouraging your Subscribers to follow you on your social media profiles

Promoting your most recent blog post

The possibilities are virtually endless! Any common ‘blurbs’ that you use are now able to live dynamically as Content Snippets for easy access & editing.

The New Email Editor

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