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Managing your brand preferences for ConvertKit Ads
Managing your brand preferences for ConvertKit Ads

Learn how to update the brands you want (or don't want) to run programmatic ads for, or how to manage it all by default.

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ConvertKit Ads is a closed beta feature and only users who receive an invite can join the beta. Join the waitlist here.

You can update the brands you want to run programmatic ads for any time after setting up your account for ConvertKit Ads.

To do so, click Earn in the top navigation, followed by Ads.

You'll see a preferred brands sidebar on the left of the Ads overview page. The sidebar shows you:

  • Allow list: The number of brands allowed to run ads in your emails

  • Block list: The number of brands blocked from running ads in your emails

  • Newly added: The number of newly added brands you haven't reviewed (and so you aren't running their ads)

Click the Update preferences button to update the brands on your allow and block lists.

An update brand preferences window will appear. Use the checkboxes to allow (or block) ads from:

  • Newly added brands (whether all of them or just specific ones)

  • Specific brands in each brand category—click the category to reveal the brands in it

  • Entire categories of brands, e.g., "Style & Fashion" and "Arts & Entertainment"

You can also use the search bar to search for specific brands in any category.

You'll need to select at least one brand, but we recommend selecting at least 100 brands to increase the chances of you filling your ad slots and making meaningful revenue from ads.

Click Submit request at the bottom of the window to save your changes. It may take up to 24 business hours for your changes to take effect.

Allowing new brands' ads by default

New brands are joining ConvertKit Ads all the time!

If you want to automatically allow their ads instead of constantly checking for new brands to add to your allow list, toggle the Allowed by default switch in the Preferred brands sidebar to the "On" position.

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