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Troubleshooting your Creator Network Recommendations
Troubleshooting your Creator Network Recommendations

Possible reasons why your forms and landing pages aren't displaying your Creator Network Recommendations (and how to address these).

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Creator Network Recommendations not showing? Let's sort things out.

If you've joined the Creator Network but your Forms and Landing Pages aren't displaying your Recommendations, use this checklist to troubleshoot the issue!

NOTE: You can be part of the Creator Network only if you have a paid ConvertKit plan.

Are you using a third-party form provider?

If you are displaying Recommendations on forms created using a third-party provider such as Gravity Forms, Bloom, and Contact Form 7, you'll need to take some extra steps to set up your Recommendations. Learn more here.

Are you displaying Recommendations on a supported form or landing page?

You can display Recommendations on ConvertKit Forms and Landing Pages, as well as most third-party forms.

At this time, however, Thrive Leads, Growform, Mailmunch, Carrd, and Ninja Forms forms are not supported.

If you are using forms managed by these third-party platforms, try redirecting your forms to a standalone Recommendations page instead.

Alternatively, swap them out for a supported form for your Recommendations to appear.

Is the Recommendation a Paid Recommendation?

We've got a separate guide to troubleshooting Paid Recommendations that you may find helpful.


Still facing issues with Recommendations? Contact support using the in-app messenger and we'll look into the matter.

But if your Recommendations are appearing as they should, learn how to manage them by reading this article below! πŸ‘‡

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