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Troubleshooting Paid Recommendations in the Creator Network
Troubleshooting Paid Recommendations in the Creator Network

How to resolve the error messages you may see while setting up Paid Recommendations in the Creator Network.

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As you set up Paid Recommendations in the Creator Network, you may encounter some error messages if there is an issue with the setup process.

Here's a list of error messages you may see and what you can do about them:

"Your SparkLoop account is not connected"

We're having trouble connecting your SparkLoop and ConvertKit accounts.

Click the Connect with SparkLoop button to try connecting your SparkLoop account again.

If this doesn't work, drop our support team a message using the in-app messenger and we'll look into the matter.

"Complete SparkLoop setup"

It looks like there are still some things you need to do before your SparkLoop account creation is complete. These could be:

  • Providing SparkLoop with your ConvertKit API key and API secret

  • Adding your newsletter to SparkLoop

  • Connecting SparkLoop with your Stripe account for receiving referral payments

Click the Finish setting up SparkLoop button to resume the account creation process.

When you've finished creating your account, SparkLoop will review your account. Your account status will be marked as "Pending approval" in the meantime.

"Your account is pending approval"

After you create your SparkLoop account, the platform will need to approve it for use.

Approvals are usually granted within 24 hours of account creation (excluding weekends). You'll get an email from SparkLoop when it has approved your account.

In the meantime, sit tight!

You can also email SparkLoop at [email protected] if the review process is taking longer than expected.

"Your account has been declined"

SparkLoop has declined to approve your account at this time.

You can reach out to the SparkLoop team at [email protected] if you think this may have been an error.

"You don't have any partners"

This message means you've successfully created a SparkLoop account (including getting it approved by SparkLoop), but haven't added any Paid Recommendations to ConvertKit yet.

Click the Go to SparkLoop button to start adding your Paid Recommendations.

If you had connected an existing SparkLoop account when enabling Paid Recommendations in ConvertKit instead of creating a new one, you will also need to take these extra steps:

  • Add your Paid Recommendations to SparkLoop's Upscribe widget (set up Upscribe first if you haven't already), and

  • Set Upscribe to active. (You don't need to embed the Upscribe widget on your website.)

"There's a problem with your connection"

Your SparkLoop account has been connected to ConvertKit, but we're having trouble accessing your SparkLoop account data.

This could be a temporary technical issue, so try checking back later.

If the problem persists, try disconnecting your SparkLoop account from ConvertKit. Go to the My Recommendations page and click the Settings tab, followed by the Disconnect button under the Paid Recommendations box:

After that, reconnect your SparkLoop account to ConvertKit using the steps here.

Still having trouble with Paid Recommendations? Get in touch with our support team using the in-app messenger and we'll be happy to help!

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