Earn more from each sale by adding upsells 💰

Adding a relevant upsell to your ConvertKit Commerce products is an easy way of increasing the amount you earn from each sale.

You can feature up to two upsells on your products' checkout pages, and discount the prices of your upsells to make them more attractive!

If a customer decides to buy any of your upsell products, they will be charged for it and your main product in a single transaction.

Let’s get into how you can manage upsells in ConvertKit:

NOTE: Currently, upsells can be added only to products with fixed one-time fees. Similarly, only such products can be added as product upsells at this time. We’ll be adding upsell support for products with recurring subscription fees soon, so keep checking back!

How to add an upsell to a ConvertKit Commerce product

Go to the Products page in ConvertKit and select the product to which you want to offer an upsell.

NOTE: At this time, upsells can be added to only standard products (i.e. products with one-time fees). Upsell support for subscription products will be added in due course.

Click the Checkout tab at the top of the product builder page for your product, followed by the + Add an upsell button.

The Upsells settings for your product will load. Click the + Add an upsell button to add an upsell.

Choose the product you want to offer as an upsell. (Create an upsell product first if you don’t already have one.)

Your product has to meet both of these requirements to be selected as an upsell:

  1. It is a standard product with a fixed one-time fee: Only products with fixed one-time fees can be added as upsells at this time. Subscription products, "Pay What You Want" products, and Tip Jars cannot be added as upsells. (Upsell support for subscription products will be added in due course!)

  2. Your upsell product is in the same currency as your main product: If your main product is sold in the USD currency, for example, you won't be able to add an upsell product sold in the GBP currency.

You can add up to two upsell products to your main product.

Click the Save button at the bottom to save your upsell settings.

NOTE: You can also find your upsell settings by clicking Settings at the top right of the product builder page, followed by the Upsells option in the Product Settings screen that appears.

Adding a discount to your upsell

If you’d like, you can add a discount to your upsell product.

At the same Upsells settings screen, simply state the discount amount for your upsell in either dollar or percentage terms. Here, we’re adding a 20% discount to our upsell:

Click the Save button to save your changes.

NOTE: To adjust the standard, undiscounted price of your upsell, edit your upsell product’s price in the product builder separately.

How to remove an upsell from a ConvertKit Commerce product

Click the ⨉ button next to your upsell to remove it from your product, then click Save to save your changes.

Troubleshooting ConvertKit Commerce product upsells

The upsell product I want to add isn't appearing in the upsell dropdown menu.

To be added as an upsell, your product needs to be a standard product with a fixed one-time fee. In other words, the following products cannot be added as an upsell:

❌ Subscription products (Upsell support for subscription products will be added in due course!)

❌ "Pay What You Want" products

❌ Tip Jars

Your upsell product also needs to be in the same currency as your main product.

Need to create a new upsell product? The guide below shares steps for creating a new ConvertKit Commerce product if you need a refresher 👇

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