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ConvertKit Commerce: Allow customers to choose a quantity
ConvertKit Commerce: Allow customers to choose a quantity

Let your customers buy multiples of your product.

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Want to give your customers the option to buy more than one of your products? With ConvertKit Commerce, you can! 💸

Giving your customers the option to choose their quantity means you can sell multiples of products such as:

  • event tickets

  • 1:1 sessions (consulting/counseling/mentoring etc.)

  • digital assets

  • licenses

  • and much more!

Here's how to let your customers choose their quantity:

1. From your ConvertKit account, navigate to Earn > Products. You can create a new product or edit an existing one.

2. Below the Price field, you'll see a toggle to 'Allow customers to choose a quantity'. Here you can turn this option on or off.

Note: This option is only available for standard products where customers pay a one-time fee. It cannot be turned on for subscriptions, pay what you want, or payment plans.

3. Follow the steps in this article to get the rest of your product set-up.

Now when a customer views your product, they’ll see the option to enter a quantity of their choice before checking out:

On the checkout page, the customer will see the quantity that they’re purchasing:

That's it! Now you can sell multiples of your products to your customers.

Don't forget to set up payments! This is a pre-requisite for publishing your products so that you can start selling! We have a separate tutorial on that for you below. 👇

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