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How to create your first newsletter in ConvertKit
How to create your first newsletter in ConvertKit

A quick guide to creating your first newsletter using ConvertKit's broadcast feature.

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Newsletters help you stay in touch with your audience. 📨

What are you up to right now? What are some latest trends that people should know about? Use a newsletter to spread the word and keep your community engaged.

This guide will run through the basic setup for creating your first newsletter in ConvertKit.

Let’s dive in!

1. Pick a topic for your newsletter

In other words, what will your newsletter be about?

Choose a topic that is relevant to what you do, and that you’ll be able to consistently write about over the long run.

As an example, if your audience consists of photographers, your newsletter could contain:

  • Photography tips

  • Updates on the latest photography gear

  • Best local places to do a photography shoot

For more inspiration on possible topics and angles for your newsletter, read our Tradecraft article on this subject!

2. Decide on your newsletter’s frequency

Next, decide on how often you want to send your newsletter. For example, this could be:

  • Once a week

  • Once every two weeks

  • Once a month

  • Once a quarter

Pick a realistic publishing schedule that you can stick to, but isn’t so infrequent that your subscribers forget who you are.

Experiment to find a sending frequency that works best for you!

3. Create a newsletter template

When sending newsletters, it’s a good idea to standardize their design.

Not only does this help save you time from constantly rejigging your newsletter’s look, but it also helps build recognition for your brand.

And the good news is that you don’t have to create a newsletter template from scratch. That’s because we’ve got a range of email templates that you can customize using our visual template editor. 🎨

But if you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, you can also code your own template!

4. Write and send your newsletter in the broadcast editor

Now we come to the actual writing and sending of your newsletter—and this will be done in our broadcast editor. ✍️

Broadcasts are what we call one-off emails in ConvertKit, and they’re perfect for sending standalone newsletters to your subscribers.

If you’re new to our broadcast editor, our guide to creating and sending broadcasts in ConvertKit will walk you through its key features.

Go send your first newsletter!

And that’s how to create your first newsletter in ConvertKit, in a nutshell. With some practice, you’ll be sending newsletters like a pro. ✌️

To learn more about producing awesome newsletter content, check out this edition of Tradecraft where we cover all things newsletters.

Also, once you’ve gotten the hang of things, you can venture into more advanced newsletter options such as:

But for now, if you’re keen to make all previous editions of your newsletter publicly available—even to non-subscribers—you can do so by adding a newsletter feed to a ConvertKit landing page.

And we’ve got a guide to that right here 👇

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