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How to move everything in FanBridge to your ConvertKit account.

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Joining us from FanBridge? Welcome! Here’s how to get everything set up in your new ConvertKit account.

First things first

In your FanBridge account, you’ll see a ‘Migrate Now’ button at the top of your screen.

Click this button to start migrating your account over to ConvertKit:

Once you accept, the migration process will begin.

Here’s what we'll do during the migration process:

  • Migrate your subscribers, including their subscription date and location information

  • Migrate your groups and convert them into tags

  • Migrate your billing information

  • Create a landing page that will replace your Fan Action landing page

  • Create a social media links landing page

Here’s what’s we’re not able to migrate during the process:

  • Additional landing pages and forms

  • Email templates

  • Drip campaigns

  • Email sending history

  • Auto-recurring campaigns

  • Auto-recurring social campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

During the migration:

How long does a migration take?

Depending on the size of your list, a migration could take minutes to a couple of days, with a few hours being the average. Whenever the migration is done, we’ll send you an email to confirm that the migration is complete and successful.

What should I do if the migration fails?

If your migration fails, contact [email protected] and we will complete the migration for you, for free.

What happens to new subscribers during the migration?

As part of the migration, we will create a ConvertKit landing page that will be used to collect any new subscribers. To do so, we will redirect all visits to your current FanBridge Fan Action Page to your new ConvertKit landing page.


What should I do with items that won’t be migrated, like my email templates?

We won’t be able to automatically migrate your email templates, your email sending history, your drip campaigns, your auto-recurring campaigns, or your auto-recurring social campaigns. However, our Migrations team is available and ready to help you! Once your automatic migration is complete, fill in this form and we will get you over the finish line (for free!).

What happens with my FanBridge account once I migrate to ConvertKit?

Your FanBridge account will stay open for seven days after your migration is completed. During this time, your FanBridge account will not be billed. You can use this time to transfer over any assets that were not covered in the automatic migration (e.g. images for your email templates).

Once the seven days have passed, your FanBridge account will be closed and archived. While closed, you will still be able to export your email list. You can do this by logging into your FanBridge account and choosing the export link.

If you need more than the seven days, contact [email protected] for an extension.

How much does ConvertKit cost?

ConvertKit will grandfather FanBridge pricing for six months. If you are on a FanBridge bulk pricing plan (biannual or annual), ConvertKit will honor that and apply it to your time on ConvertKit.

After six months, your account will move to ConvertKit’s pricing plan. You can see a full breakdown of the pricing plans here: https://convertkit.com/pricing.

Can I cancel my ConvertKit account and keep using FanBridge?

If ConvertKit is not a right fit for you, you can close your ConvertKit account and return to FanBridge. You will need to email your request to [email protected].

Now that you're here, be sure to check out our video series to learn everything you need to know about your ConvertKit account 👇

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