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Getting Started With ConvertKit
Getting Started: Lunch & Learn | Video Series
Getting Started: Lunch & Learn | Video Series

Learn ConvertKit in less than an hour with this helpful video series.

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At ConvertKit, we want to help you learn the ropes as quickly as possible. 

Whether you’re brand new to email marketing, or migrating over from another platform, this video series will give you the frame of reference you need to get started with your new account!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction Video

  • Part I: Subscribers

  • Part II: Opt-ins

  • Part III: Email & Automation

Let's dive in!

Introduction Video

A few tips for getting the most out of these trainings:

  • You can adjust the playback speed on the videos by clicking the ⚙icon > Speed.

  • Consider watching each training from start-to-finish first to get a comprehensive understanding of ConvertKit before taking action in your own account!

  • Follow along & dive deeper into certain topics with related trainings linked beneath each video! 👇

Part I: Subscribers

Adding & Importing Subscribers

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Tags & Segments

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The Subscriber Profile

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Part II: Opt-Ins

Learning the Form & Landing Page Builder

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Setting Up The Incentive (Confirmation) Email

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How to Automatically Tag Subscribers When They Opt In

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Your First Sequence: Welcome Sequence

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Part III: Emails & Automation

What Are Broadcasts (And How Are They Used)

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How to Use the Reporting Feature

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Visual Automations

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