Sequences are a great way to pitch products to your subscribers through a series of dripped out emails.

How email marketing automations work inside ConvertKit

While subscribers are going through your sales sequence, some will likely click to purchase!

However, once a customer purchases your product, you don’t want to keep sending them those same sales emails. You need a way to remove them from the sales sequence easily and automatically.

That's when visual automations come in to save the day.

You can use a visual automation to automatically remove customers from a sales sequence as soon as they make a purchase!

Let's dive into how this works.

Automatically remove purchasers from your sales sequence

To do this, we'll be using an Event. Events are the icons that, when selected, pull a subscriber forward to that point in the automation, regardless of where the subscriber was previously in the automation.

If you don’t already have a visual automation set up, go ahead and create a new one.

To begin your visual automation to remove purchasers from a sales sequence, create an entry point at the top (form, tag, custom field, or purchase):

Then you’ll want to add your sales sequence to the visual automation:

Below the sequence you've added, click on the + icon:

Next, you can add your product by clicking ‘Event’ on the left hand side:

Then click ‘Product purchased’:

Choose the platform that your customers are purchasing from (ConvertKit Commerce, Shopify, etc), then find your product's name:

Finally, click the ‘Add Event’ button to add the product to your visual automation.

Now whenever someone makes a purchase, they’ll get pulled out of the sequence right away and won't receive any more sales emails. 🙌

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