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How to update customer subscriptions in ConvertKit Commerce
How to update customer subscriptions in ConvertKit Commerce

Here’s how you or your customers can update or cancel a paid subscription.

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If you’re using ConvertKit Commerce to sell a recurring subscription or paid newsletter, your customers may need to update their personal information and billing details.

Whether they need to change their card number or cancel their subscription entirely, we’ve made it simple for them to do this directly from their email. 🙌

NOTE: If you have a customer who reaches out to you about their subscription, you can walk them through the following steps, or send them a link to this very article!

Here’s how your customers can update their billing information, or cancel their subscription:

First, click the ‘Update your profile’ link at the bottom of an email.

Customers will find an ‘Update your profile’ link at the bottom of any emails you send to them (broadcasts or sequences).

Next, enter the magic link they receive via email.

Clicking on the 'Update your profile' link will take the customer to a secure page.

Here they will need to enter a six-digit authentication code that will be emailed to them.

Once they’ve entered this code, they’ll be able to update or edit their information.

More Details 👇

Edit Contact Information

On the 'Update your profile' tab, customers will be able to change their first name, last name, and email address.

Edit billing details.

If customers have an active paid subscription, they'll also see a ‘Billing’ tab at the top of the page.

Clicking on the billing tab will take them to a new billing page:

From here, they’ll be able to see their subscription details.

They can cancel their plan here:

NOTE: If the subscriber clicks the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email (next to the 'Update your profile' one), this will also cancel their subscription. For more information on cancellations, please check out this article.

And add a different payment method here:

That's it!

This should give your customers everything they need to change their information.

Need to give your customer a refund? Check out the article below! 👇

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