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ConvertKit Commerce: Refunds
ConvertKit Commerce: Refunds

How to refund a customer for the purchase of their ConvertKit Commerce product or subscription payment.

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How to refund a purchase made via ConvertKit Commerce

Refunds for ConvertKit Commerce products are handled via the subscriber's profile. You can refund single-purchase products as well as individual payments for recurring products.

NOTE: Only full refunds are supported at this time. We're working on support for partial refunds.

Here's how to do it! πŸ’°

1. Navigate to the subscriber's profile

From the subscribers page in your account, search for the email address of the subscriber to be refunded via the sidebar:

Then click on the subscriber from the list of search results to be taken to their profile.

2. Navigate to the 'Purchases' tab

The purchases tab is located across the top of the subscriber profile:

On that tab you'll see a list of all the purchases this subscriber has made from you via ConvertKit Commerce or one of our Purchases integrations.

NOTE: Only products purchased via ConvertKit Commerce are able to be refunded from within ConvertKit. Purchases made on other platforms need to be refunded via the platform on which the purchase took place (and refunds made that way may not be reflected on the subscriber's profile in ConvertKit).

3. Click the refund link/button for the product or payment

For single-purchase products (e.g. an ebook), click the name of the product to expand it, then click the 'Refund' button:

For recurring subscriptions (e.g. a paid newsletter), click the name of the product to expand it, then locate the payment instance that you'd like to refund from the list.

Click the refund link next to it:

That's it! Your customer can expect to receive confirmation of their refund via email.

Once a product or subscription payment has been refunded, the details on the purchases tab will also update to reflect it accordingly.

NOTE: The refund notification email cannot be customized at this time.

Did you know? Your purchases graph reports refunds, too!

After performing a refund, the bar on your account's purchases graph will dip below the x-axis to reflect it in gray:

For more information, check out the article below! πŸ‘‡

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