Are you ready to build your opt-in? 

Forms are the opt-in you create that lives somewhere on your site or blog.

To get started, click on Create Form.

Then choose Form from the next selection.

Once you've chosen to create a Form, you'll need to choose the display format of your new Form. You'll see three options:

Inline: A Form that fits within the content of your page. This option is most commonly used to add a Form to blog posts, footers, and sidebars.

Modal: A Form that pops up based on timing, exit intent, percent of the page scrolled, or even when clicking a link or button.

Slide In: A Form that slides up from the bottom right or bottom left of your site after a certain time or scroll percentage.

No matter which format you choose, you'll see a few options for templates. Each option has an example of how it will look, and you can change this form template at any time!

Once you've selected your Form template, you'll be able to get started on making it look and function the way you like.

Anything you can click on, you can edit. This includes the name of the Form, the button text, colors, headings, and more!

Style Your Form

The Style tab allows you to further customize how your Form displays to your Subscribers. You'll also see different options depending on which part of the Form you're editing.

NOTE: You can return to the main Form Style settings at any time by clicking the magic wand style icon.

Organize Your Form

With the Form Editor, you can now easily add, re-label, and rearrange Form fields!

To add a new field, click the + below the final Form field.

In the right toolbar, select a custom field you want to connect to.

You can also select "Tag" rather than "Custom Field" to create a dropdown list or check boxes.

To rearrange your fields, hover over each field and you'll see a grip appear to the left (three parallel lines). Grabbing this grip allows you to move the field up or down in the Form to make your Form look just right.

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