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Adding tag dropdowns + checkboxes to ConvertKit forms
Adding tag dropdowns + checkboxes to ConvertKit forms

How to add dropdowns and checkboxes to your forms and landing pages, so that your subscribers can self-select their own tags!

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Adding a dropdown or checkboxes to your ConvertKit form is great for collecting additional subscriber information.

Adding dropdowns and checkboxes for tags is very similar to adding custom fields to your form, with a few extra configurations. They’re a great way to obtain additional information from your subscribers as they opt in!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting this up.

1. Start with a form or landing page

This process is the same for both forms and landing pages. In this case, we have a basic form using our Charlotte form template:

2. Add a custom field

Click the + symbol on the form to add an additional field. This field will become our dropdown or checkboxes:

3. Select field type

From the righthand sidebar, under ‘Save as’, select 'Tag.' (If you aren't seeing this dropdown in the sidebar, make sure you click your new custom field first.) Then, select whether you want a dropdown or checkbox(es).

NOTE: A dropdown works well if you want your subscribers to be able to select only one of the tag options, whereas checkboxes work well if you want them to be able to select multiple options.

4. Add a label

Think of this as the ‘prompt’ for your subscribers, indicating what they’re selecting:

5. Configure tag options

Here’s where you select the tags you want your subscribers to choose from. You can select existing tags in your account, or create them here directly in the form builder.

In this example, we've selected four tags:

As they were selected, they were also automatically populated in the form preview to the left:

6. [Optional] Add custom tag labels

Sometimes, the name that you call your tags on the backend may not be what you want your subscribers to see.

That’s where the tag labels come in. You can replace the text here with whatever you’d like your subscribers to see on your actual form, without changing what the tag is named in your account:

And again, the changes will be reflected in the form preview on the left.

NOTE: You can also toggle between checkboxes or a dropdown at anytime; just change your selection from the sidebar!

7. Link your tags to topics of interest

After sharing their information with you, subscribers may want to change it from time to time. You can help them with it by linking your tags to our topics of interest feature.

When you've done so, subscribers can click the 'Update your profile' link at the bottom of your emails to be directed to an Update your profile page. From there, they can update their information anytime.

You'll find your topics of interest settings by going to the Subscribers page in ConvertKit and clicking the Manage Subscriber Preferences button.

The topics of interest settings look like this:

Importantly, you should set up your topics of interest using the same tags you've used for your form and landing page dropdowns or checkbox(es).

Example use-case: Create a GDPR consent checkbox

One way you can use this feature is to create a GDPR consent checkbox, should you prefer that over our built-in GDPR checkboxes (which can be enabled from your account settings page).

Simply follow the steps above, but with just a single tag option. You can also make the tag label an accurate consent statement for your form. Your configuration may look something like this:

Which would look like this on the form itself:

If you’d like to learn about what other GDPR-related features we have, click here.

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