Are you seeing some Subscribers show up in your account as Bounced?

While there are a number of reasons why a Subscriber would show up as Bounced in your account, this ultimately means our mailing servers tried several times to send the email to their inbox without success.

Bounced Subscribers are ones that could not be delivered successfully to recipients of email marketing campaigns. There are two types of bounced emails: Hard Bounces (permanent) and Soft Bounces (temporary).

If a Subscriber has a permanent-type of bounce, you'll see that their status is Bounced in the Subscriber's profile:

Or you'll see Bounced when you are searching for a Subscriber:

Since hard bounces are permanent, they result in the Subscriber getting a “Bounced” status within our system. This will prevent them from receiving messages from you in the future, and your deliverability will be protected.

Since soft bounces are temporary, they are shown in the individual emails for a Subscriber, but no action is taken against them. They will remain Active in your account, and we will attempt to send them future emails.

Which email caused the bounce?

You can see which email ultimately failed to send to them causing the bounce by going to the Subscriber's profile, and looking at their Email History.

In their email history, next to the subject lines of emails, you'll see different colored circle indicators. The Gold color represents an email that bounced.

Remember, when someone gets permanently bounced, they are unsubscribed. This is for your benefit so that your deliverability does not suffer. It will also help keep your Open and Click rates looking much better.

Am I paying for Bounced Subscribers?


Bounced Subscribers do not count against your total Subscribers, or toward your what you pay. We will only charge you for Active Subscribers!

In other words, no action needs to be taken with them. You don't need to worry about deleting them.

You can learn more about subscriber status types (Cancelled, Complained, Cold, etc.) here.

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